Bar Mount - Add Lights to Your Bike, Scooter, or Mountainboard

Looking to Add Lights to Your Bicycle, Scooter, or Mountainboard?

Hey, this is Eric from ShredLights, I'm gonna walk you through the bar mount.


So in every package, you're gonna get three components, you're gonna get our glass-filled nylon plastic component, which includes the S-lock on top and will work with any of our SL 200 lights. You're also going to get two rubber straps.

One of them has a curved inside and one of them has an angled inside. The curved inside is going to work on any round bars such as bikes and scooters between 10 millimeters and 40 millimeters in diameter.

The angled strap is going to work on mountain board style trucks such as the Cali and the Tampa boards. It's going to perfectly fit the contour, so the light is level and aiming straightforward while they're on your trucks.


Using the Bar Mount with ShredLights

So it's pretty straightforward here, we're gonna go ahead and take the side of the rubber strap that includes the holes, slide it under this front bar here. And you can go ahead and pull in this size was all the way up here and see this rubber chunk in the back, you're gonna want to stuff that into the plastic. And that's gonna make sure that the curved part here stays nice and secure. Then you're gonna go to the side with the holes, and one set at a time, just feed that through. And so now the strap should be pointing straight up. And now the rubber strap is fully installed. And once you have your bar selected here, super straightforward. We're just going to put the bar on top. Go ahead. Let's strap that around. 

Now the bar mount is installed. So let's say that you have this installed on your bike and now you just got a new mountain board and you want to use the bar mount on your mountain board.

So switching it from the round bar to the square bar is super easy. All you're gonna have to do is take the side with the holes, pop it through, so now it's gonna be sitting flat again, and then go ahead and just tug on this rubber piece until it's out. Slide it right out. And then the same thing for getting the angled strap back in.

Boom. Just like that in a matter of seconds, you're able to switch from any round bar to any square bar again, between that 10 millimeters and 40-millimeter size. We're super stoked to get the bar mount out there because now you can find these ShredLights on any bike. We're always looking at new mounts to make, so let us know we should make next by either emailing us at or by messaging us on social media. 

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