April 19, 2016

Hi Ambasshredders,

We have been working hard to deliver an amazing product that is more than just lights on a skateboard, but functional headlights for skateboards that will not interfere with performance. Our company has come a long way, bringing lights to hundreds of skateboards globally -- but, there are millions more shredders in need. We are passionate and dedicated to building a product that skateboarders want, this is the main reason why we have decided to build a team of shredders. We first brought on an absolute ripper, Brandon Ayala (@donny_bo_danglez)  Brandon Ayala ShredLights

(Brandon Ayala with a steezy Frontside Flip in the Forest)

We were wondering how to build a community around our efforts to build a team and decided to call on you guys. We launched a campaign to find the next ShredLights team rider, and using the #SponserMeShredLights we have added another extremely talented skateboarder, Dan Murphy (@ogmurph), and he is DOWN for the cause. Dan is a beast from the east, and skates like one too. Keep your eye out for him on the up and coming list of sponsored skateboarders. 

Finally, we are really stoked on the feedback from customers who have recently purchased ShredLights. They are loving the lights on their skateboard, longboard, and maybe not surprisingly, their Boosted Boards. Electric Skateboards have had an interesting impact on skateboarding, and we support all innovations in Skateboarding. Since we are on the cutting edge of innovation in an industry that is otherwise stagnant. There is a cool customer review video unpacking their order of ShredLights and talking about the features ( https://goo.gl/photos/z1WAVv6viRSa9xD89). 

We are passionate to bring a great product to skateboarders globally.  Whether lights under skateboard, headlights for skateboards, skateboard lights, skateboard taillights (yes we get asked for these a lot), or any other Keyword :) we will make it great! 

Shred On!

Drew & ShredLights Team


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