February 03, 2016

We had WAY too much fun about 2 weeks ago when we got a solid crew of seven rippers on the streets of downtown San Diego. We got everyone set up with ShredLights, putting headlights on the skateboards of Brennan Wehrle and Brandon Ayala, and they did not disappoint. We started off getting some clips under, and over, the bridge near Petco Park. We got some really good pictures and clips there, but the most fun part of the night was actually skating between spots. People on the street were really stoked on the skateboard lights, and even wanted to skate themselves (i.e. ShredNights episode 2 ender)

We found out the new San Diego Public Library downtown has some awesome spots, and really ambitious security. As we were skating up drooling over the stairs, banks, ledges, wallies, and of course -- ShredLights, Security was halfway done choking on his coffee and out the door. We did circle around and come back so Brandon could get his line (Hardflip). We had prior experience with the security at the new SDGE building downtown, so we knew we had to go blitzkrieg on that spot. So we had Eric Birkemeier and Josh Parker [filmer and photog respectively] go to the spot before.. As we were skating up, security on the edge of their seat, I realized Josh and Eric were waiting to shoot the wrong spot! So I yelled at them to get in position [I'm an asshole] and we got some sick wallies, and I got a wallie 180 -- all with ShredLights :) 

Although people have taken our jokes about the 'War on Cracks' rather seriously (@whyidontskateboard) we skated through skid row and woke up the tent city. The crack heads were not pleased with us, and of course let us hear about it in meth rants. We made it through safely to the next spot, PERFECT LEDGE SPOT. We can't reveal where this is, but if you live in SD -- you will find it soon enough. Brennan got the ender ender with a 5050 front 360 out.

As I was skating with my ShredLights last night, someone yelled at me about how they need to get new wheels -- Sunset wheels is ruining our image!!! Ambasshredders must come together and represent what ShredLights are all about, SKATEBOARDING MORE! I know people will hate on Skateboard lights, lights on skateboards, lights underneath skateboards, lights attached to skateboards, Skating Lights, -- and this might be SEO over kill, but ShredLights are functional headlights for skateboards that are easy to install, use, and remove! PLUS, you can still SHRED! Skateboarding is forever, night skating just got taken to a new level, and we have the footage to prove it. Go watch ShredNights Webisode #2 and get ready for 3+ 

As always you can purchase ShredLights, headlights for skateboards, on shredlights.com and from www.whateverskateboards.com -- Also, ask your local skateshop to carry the product

Shred On



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