#1 | ShredLights X Bash Guard M

Hey guys,

I want to start by welcoming you to the ShredLights blog page! I am starting this in an effort keep you in the loop on what's new with ShredLights as well as some of our thoughts on the electric skateboard community in general, including board reviews. 

This first post will be covering how to install ShredLights and the Flatland-3D Bash Guard M. We discontinued our rear mounting bracket that included the stand due to popular demand of the bash guard. Thank you to everyone who let us know why it was not a good idea to incorporate a metal stand into our bracket. We definitely learned our lesson there and left the bash guards up to the professionals at Flatland-3D :) 

Fortunately, our friend A76 from Youtube made an excellent tutorial on how to install ShredLights and the bash Guard. This covers the installation really well with a step by step process. 

Important note: If you plan to used Flatland3D's Bash Guard M and Shock Pads make sure you switch to longer 1.5" bolts. You can find these available on the Loaded Website.

The key is to closely follow the order and direction of each piece when sandwiching the bracket, bash guard, and trucks back together. 

That's all for the installation; if you have any more questions on how to install ShredLights and the Bash Guard M, please send us an email to Support@ShredLights.com or reach out directly through our contact form.

We just received our first pair of Esk8 gloves from the Flatland-3D crew so keep an eye out for a review of those coming soon!

Shred More. 

- Eric Birkemeier

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