ShredLights Team Update

ShredLights Team Update

We are making some role changes at ShredLights and would like to offer you transparency into our decision making.

The ShredLights Team Is Changing Roles.

We are making some role changes at ShredLights and would like to offer you transparency into our decision making. First, let’s introduce ourselves a little more. ShredLights is a small team dedicated to changing PEV safety for the better with exceptional products and service. Our team includes engineering (Kyle), marketing (Eric), shipping & customer service (Andrew), and operations (Erica).

Eric and Kyle co-founded ShredLights together and Eric has been leading the team since 2016 as CEO, driving us to create exceptional products for the electric skateboarding and PEV communities. On top of that he’s been the face of ShredLights, and probably the only person you’ve heard of (other than maybe Andrew, our customer support guru!). He goes to all the ESK8 events and has developed a deep understanding of the electric skateboard scene.

Behind the scenes from the beginning, Kyle was the CTO, responsible for developing products and managing our supply chain. He’s designed every custom product that ShredLights has ever put out. Before working at ShredLights, Kyle received a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from SDSU, and then spent 5 years working in the on-campus business incubator called the ZIP Launchpad. There, he managed the rapid prototyping lab and coached student teams in product development and product testing. He has managed ShredLights production and supply chain since the very beginning of the company in 2015. And – like Eric – he also shreds. 

Moving forward Eric will now be CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and Kyle will be CEO (Chief Executive Officer). To put it simply – Eric is going to spend more time learning about and interacting with customers through the website, emails and community events. Kyle is going to spend more time managing the overall direction of the organization in addition to developing new products and managing our supply chain.

Of course, Kyle and Eric both ride electric skateboards and use them to commute to the Shredquarters on a daily basis.

Why did we decide to change things up?

Right now at ShredLights, we’re more challenged and also more excited than ever before. Due to changes in the supply chain, our decisions have had to become more tactical, driven by component lead times, longer assembly timelines, higher raw material prices, shipping costs, and unpredictable shipping timelines. It’s been a lot, but Kyle has already been managing the majority of the company’s operations during this time. He has the experience with vendors, logistics partners, finance and operations to do what’s best for us. 

We’re also excited for things to come! Right now we have the best product offerings we’ve ever had, and we have some truly amazing stuff in the works. We’re transitioning from a company that makes really good lights to a company that’s going to transform your expectations around lighting and night riding in general. In order to do that we need time, stability, and a long term plan to manage the challenges of rolling out physical products in this new era. 

How will this impact ShredLights:

Well, the biggest change is that Eric is going to have more time to devote to learning exactly what YOU the ShredLights customer wants. He’ll have fewer organizational responsibilities, and instead will focus on discovering and delivering the best solutions for electric skateboarders, bikers and Onewheel riders. Eric’s new role paves the way to execute on the vision of the company – delivering feature-rich premium products, exceptional customer experiences, and a better way of riding. 

As for the impact of Kyle’s new role, you might not notice anything at first. ShredLights will continue to deliver the exceptional products and customer service you expect. Quality of product, delivery, and after sales service will remain at the core of what we do. While Eric’s mission as CMO is to understand where we want to go as a business, Kyle’s new job as CEO is to figure out how to execute on that vision. Taking into account the needs of our customers, our company, and the current climate, he will get us from where we are now (which we’re pumped on!) to where our products and services are just mind blowing. 

If you can’t tell, we’re excited for this change. Over the past 6 years, we’ve learned more about what each of us can offer to the company, and how we can ensure the company supports this amazing community. Keep your eyes and ears open, we got some awesome things in the works. We're always interested to know what you'd like to see next from ShredLights and you can let us know by sending an email to at any time. Thanks for tuning in!

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