SL-1000 January Shipping Update

SL-1000 January Shipping Update

Unfortunately we were not able to meet our goal of shipping the first SL-1000 units this week. In this blog we will cover our updated shipping timeline and some sneak peaks of the first production SL-1000's.

SL-1000 January 2021 Shipping Update

First, here's the bad news.

We were not able to meet our goal of shipping the first SL-1000 units this week as production fell slightly behind schedule over the holidays due to delays in getting all components to our production facility. COVID-19 has slowed shipping couriers globally but ultimately it falls on us for not allowing extra time given the current circumstances. We apologize for setting an expectation that we did not meet and have learned from this experience. We truly appreciate your patience and have a little something extra for everyone as a token of our appreciation.

Now for some good news.

All components were received at our production facility last week and assembly is underway and going great. The first batch of lights are scheduled to ship to our HQ in San Diego next week (with the fastest air shipping option) and we can begin fulfilling the first orders the following week of January 18th. This timeline has some breathing room for additional shipping delays but please keep in mind it may be delayed further given the global pandemic is not slowing down.

FREE Narrow Diffuser included with all orders!

We cannot express in words how much we appreciate everyone's patience during this delay so we decided to develop another diffuser disc and will include it with everyone's order free of charge. This new 'Narrow Diffuser' will provide a beam angle in between the stock lens and medium diffuser. We are excited to see which diffuser everyone likes the most!

*Please note the Narrow Diffuser has been developed separately and does not affect the SL-1000 production timeline.*

An update from

the front line

Here's a peek of the SL-1000 assembly process from our production facility. These lights have been fully assembled and are just waiting for the side buttons to be installed.

The first Production SL-1000's

As mentioned above, the SL-1000 assembly process has been going great and we received the first few units from the production line earlier this week for review. All of the buttons feel great now and we're happy with the changes we made in December. The enhanced durability of the new light is noticeable right out of the box and we're so proud of how the finished product looks, feels, and performs.

We will do our best to keep you in the loop as we get closer to shipping the first SL-1000's. Thank you again for your patience and we can't wait to get the first SL-1000's out there! Please email us directly at if you have any questions regarding your order.

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