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Today, we present the 2020 Angled Mounts as the go-to mount for the rear trucks of the Exway Flex, Backfire Zealot, and the continued mount for Boosted longboards (V1, V1, Plus & Stealth).  As of 9/11/20, all Skateboard Combo Packs, Skateboard Two Packs, and Skateboard Night Ops Packs will include the new 2020 Angled Mounts. We will also be selling the new Angled Mounts standalone on the Skateboard Mounts page. With the new design coming in, we still have some of the 2019 Angled Mounts for sale at 50% off.
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We are on track to begin shipping pre-orders for the SL-200 ShredLights in mid-July and finish shipping by the third week of July. Read the full post to see packaging previews and full shipping schedule.
Today we are introducing the 2019 Standard+ Mount that is now compatible with the rear truck of the Boosted Mini.
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We are excited to introduce three new mounts to use ShredLights in more ways than ever. We've simplified our selection to make each mount as versatile as possible. 

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