The NYC Eboarding Crew is one of the largest and most consistant group rides in the world. If you can keep up, attending one of their rides is the best way to see nearly all of Manhattan in one night. There is no shortage of diversity in riders and the vehicles they choose to ride. With over 600 members in the telegram chat and rides exceeding 100 people, it's become the pulse of the personal electric vehicle scene.

In Episode 2 of THE SHRED FILES we sat down with the founders to learn more about how they grew so large so fast. It's our longest episode yet and can be used as a textbook for creating your own group ride. Please like the video and subscribe for more content like this! 

Charging up at a group ride stop


NYEF 9/15/18

Where to Find the NYC Eboarding Club

Facebook: NYC Eboarding
Instagram: @NYCEboarding

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