We can't wait to get the SL-1000 shipping and appreciate everyone's support during the launch. We have hit a slight delay and will now begin shipping the SL-1000 in the first week of January. Read the blog for full details.
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Today, we present the 2020 Angled Mounts as the go-to mount for the rear trucks of the Exway Flex, Backfire Zealot, and the continued mount for Boosted longboards (V1, V1, Plus & Stealth).  As of 9/11/20, all Skateboard Combo Packs, Skateboard Two Packs, and Skateboard Night Ops Packs will include the new 2020 Angled Mounts. We will also be selling the new Angled Mounts standalone on the Skateboard Mounts page. With the new design coming in, we still have some of the 2019 Angled Mounts for sale at 50% off.
  • 3 min read
When it comes to customizing your electric skateboard, there are tons of ways to go about it. Jacob from the ShredLights team got in contact with three ambassadors to get the full rundown on how they got inspired to create these custom shredding machines that are unlike any other boards around. Plus, he had a chance to get behind the scenes with one of the most unique custom grip tape designers we've ever seen.
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Please welcome our 12 new ambassadors from the Spring 2020 selection round! We’re stoked to bring a variety of creators and new vehicles to our growing community. The application round for fall 2020 is now open.
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The material choice was an important part of the design process so we could get maximum durability while maintaining the design freedom of injection molding. Mainly used in the automotive industry, glass filled polymers offer improved mechanical properties of rigidity, strength and improved surface hardness. The finish has a matte feel that will clean dirt off easily and last for years to come.
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