Introducing S-Lock Sticky Mounts - Add Lights to Your Helmet in Seconds

The Easiest Way to Add Lights to Your Helmet

S-lock sticky mounts are the most personal mounts in our lineup. You can attach them to almost any flat or curved surface while maintaining a sleek low-profile appearance.



We have two options for attaching the sticky mounts, both from 3M. VHB adhesive and dual lock Velcro. VHB is our strongest option. This industrial-strength double-sided tape regularly replaces rivets and screws and mechanical assemblies.

Dual lock provides an excellent combination of strength and removability. I like to use this on the helmet so I can change the angle of my light to see in front of me.

We're super excited about these mounts because they've really expanded the versatility of where you can use the SL 200 light to reach out to us with your idea.

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