SL-200 Bike Combo Pack

The combo pack includes a 200 lumen front and rear light, so you can see and be seen on the road or the trail. Our patented S-LOCK design allows you to easily swap the mounts between any of the bikes in your garage, recharge your lights, and bring them with you to prevent theft.



  • 1 x White SL-200
  • 1 x Red SL-200
  • 2 x Bar Mount
  • 1 x Dual Micro USB Charging Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Total shredder

The lights work great and have long battery life. These are super helpful for riding at night and help keep my ebike visible

Awesome light set!

This product Is very great, and very well integrated to work together. You will not be disappointed. The headlight has many different purposes, not just for cycling. The headlight can act as an emergency light when power goes out. It lights up the whole room! I would like to see a mount especially made for the tail light. I think that the light should be angled more parallel to the ground instead of it pointing towards the ground. Or maybe a mount that can put the light on the underside of the bike seat? But also not be obstructed by any saddle bags.

ShredLights on Super 73 Z-1

Purchased combo packs for 2 Super 73 Z-1's. Impressed by how durable lights appear to be. Lights appear to be plenty bright, but haven't tested on an evening ride yet....too cold outside. Unfortunately my rear light came off on a ride. I used bar mount to attach to rear of bike. The band and mount seem very durable. I believe light may not have seated all the way onto mount. When I took light out of the box I missed that on bottom of box it says to make sure light "clicks" in. Light may seem like its all the way on mount, but make sure it "clicks" and give it a little tug to be sure.

I relayed this incident to Shredlights and they have been absolutely on the spot in getting back to me. Awesome customer service! I'll definitely be buying more of their products.

Hey John,

Thanks for leaving this review. Can you please fill out our warranty form and we can help out with a replacement red SL-200 for you.

Best Regards,

ShredLights Support

Perfect lights for everything!!!!

I use it for hiking, camping, car maintenance, filming, spotlighting, biking, and skateboarding. This light is light weight, bright, versatile, and rugged. I use it for everything. Thanks ShredLights.

Pleasantly surprised

I really didn’t expect such high intensity light output out of such a small light. I love my new shredlights!

Best bike lights I have ever used

I have purchased several lights for my family from another large online retailer. These lights are only a few dollars more but worlds apart from what I previously had. The beam is bright and focused. They are twice as bright as my other lights and I love the red/green charge indicator inside the lense. I can tell from across the room when my lights are charged. The mounting system is also well thought out. I also purchased a sticky mount for my Onewheel. Great product.

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