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Take your night rides to the next level by adding ShredLights to your Onewheel Pint or XR to see 15-20 feet ahead. Placing the Sticky Mounts under the side rails provides complete protection from rollovers and you can still do tricks (The SL-1000 does not fit underneath the Pint, only the SL-200). Sticky Mounts are compatible with other accessories such as Float Plates and sidekicks. Choose VHB tape for ultimate durability, or Dual Lock velcro for maximum flexibility.

All SL-1000 packs will ship separately in March. Orders containing both lights will have SL-200 packs & extra mounts fulfilled now and the rest will be sent in March separately (no additional shipping cost).


Customer Reviews

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Best skateboard lights

Bright and compact, best lights to skate at night

Great Lights

I purchased a white and red SL 200 for my One Wheel Pint. The lights are a great addition for riding at night. The lights have 6 settings, low, medium, bright, and 3 different strobe effects. They definitely help to see ahead about 15 feet and to let cars behind me see me riding as well. They are super easy to install and they charge via usb cable. I highly recommend these if you plan on riding at night.

A very bright bang for the buck...

I got a couple of these for my Onewheel and I feel safer already! Installed them in minutes they do a great job of giving me an idea of what’s in front of me and help me be seen. I wish the mounts were a little more durable as I’ve noticed the corners have already broken off after a couple wipeouts. Having said that, they’re hanging in there and I’ll probably pick a few more lights from them in the future!

Wow, these are incredible!

Shred Lights are incredibly bright with a small form. Don't be caught in the dark; the OW lights aren't enough.

Great lights.... with a catch.

I absolutely love my shred lights but my board literally tipped over (wasn’t riding it) and rolled over twice and bent one of the charge ports on one of the lights which has rendered it unusable. If they are that fragile, I will probably not be re-ordering any other lights.


Well I still have not received them!!

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