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Helmet lights can be the most useful lights to increase your visibility from the front and rear with the highest possible vantage point casting light wherever you are looking. See up to 20 feet ahead and be seen from over 2,000 feet away with the SL-200. Use the Curved Sticky Mounts for a sleek side mounted option, or use the adjustable helmet mount to change the light angle easily while riding.


Customer Reviews

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Finally lights worthy of our E-Skatebaords!

Recently made a purchase on some E-Skateboards for myself and my kids, and were enjoying them so much we wanted to extend our rides into the evenings. I originally bought the lights that attached with a rubber band etc. After losing a few of those during our rides, I looked for a more permanent solution. When I finally found the Shred Lights, I was hoping to have something to compliment our boards. I was so blown away with the quality and effectiveness, that I ended up buying more sets for all of our other bikes, scooters etc. So now it is all we use for lights! Buy these, you will not regret it!

Don’t worry, these attachments hold.

I was skeptical that these connectors would hold, but I was was pleasantly surprised at how strong both the adhesive and hard plastic, velcro-style connectors are. The curve has a few sweet spots where the connection to your helmet is best. You’ll see. Buy this and you’ll be stoked.

Long battery

Great lightweight long lasting lights! Will buy more

Product great - shipping horrible

I love the products from this company - I absolutely hate they only ship via USPS; the most unreliable, unpredictable and unworkable courier on the planet. EVERY package I get has some problem, interruption or delay.

Perfect for helmet mounting

The heavy duty double hook velcro is sturdy and perfect with the curved helmet mount. 100% exactly what I needed and I'm coming back for a 4 pack for my long board next

Great on a bike helmet

The form factor and adhesive/Velcro combination is perfect on a bike helmet at night snd the ease of use with switches on both sides for different settings is inspired

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