Onewheel Night Ops Pack

A compact light kit with 600 lumens of headlight power, 80 lumens of tail light power, and a 1,000 lumen helmet light to see up to 30m ahead and be seen from over 2 km away.


  • 1 x White SL-1000
  • 2 x SL-300
  • 2 x SL-R1
  • 4 x Flat Sticky Mounts with VHB
  • 1 x Adjustable Helmet Mount
  • 1 x Curved Sticky Mount with VHB
  • 1 x Narrow Diffuser for SL-1000
  • 2 x Dual USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Single USB-C Charging Cable
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Full Coverage Warranty
  • “These lights are must haves for night riding."

    “These lights are must haves for night riding. I thought my one wheel lights were adequate - then I installed the shredlights. Ha! Game changer. Highly recommend these!”

    - T.M.

    See 5x further than the integrated lights.

    See further ahead in dark conditions and be seen from over 2km away all while keeping your hands free. Combine multiple light angles with ShredLights on your board and helmet to eliminate ground shadows so you can see and react to oncoming terrain.

    Always on. Always Visible.

    Not all lights are created equal. Research shows that a focused lens design combined with interruptive flashing patterns can make riders up to 2.5x more visible to drivers, even during the day.

    Designed By Riders For Any Board, Helmet and More.

    Install the Sticky Mounts in minutes on any Onewheel+, XR or Pint. With S-LOCK quick release mounting, you can easily remove your lights for charging or switching between different boards, helmets, and more.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Garrett Y.
    Great value

    If you have a Onewheel and you want shredlights, this is your best bet. Lights are bright, mounts are sticky and customer service is top notch!

    Owen J. (Newark, United States)
    Almost 5 stars. Depends what you ride

    The lights themselves are great. Light up the front well and the strobe of the rear ones I think catches people’s attention even more which is a great safety feature for night riding. On my meepo board and summer board they are great under the board attached to the trucNks and light the way well. They would be 5 stars but the one wheel mounts need improvement. It’s a heavy board that tumbles quite often and the plastic mounts just can’t handle the impact from an almost 30 pound board and I have already had a light that broke. Shred light was great with replacing the light and mounts and They even offered a different mounting placement. The two other mounting positions are better in terms of impact but don’t light the way ahead as well. Other then that these are awesome products. For any sort of skate or eboard I would highly recommend. Even the bike/scooter mounts are great. the bag and helmet mounts are very useful as well. But for the one wheel I guess they work but higher chance of breaking lights or mount if you roll your board. But shred lights customer service is excellent if that does happen.

    Justin K. (North Bergen, United States)

    Bueno bueno

    Xavier (North Bergen, United States)

    Bueno bueno

    Joshua F. (Nashville, United States)
    Great product

    so easy to use just wish they were a bit brighter. Overall great

    Luke (Vallejo, United States)
    Shredlights + Onewheel

    Worth getting. Its is very bright and the different mode help so everyone can see you out on the street

    Christiaan C. (Annapolis, United States)
    Awesome lights!

    I have these mounted on the rails of my Onewheel Pint and on my helmet. They are superb! I great great light from them, and they are able to stand up to the occasional board roll.

    Chip (Carlsbad, United States)

    Great Lights. Super Bright.

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