SL-1000 Helmet Single Pack


A compact light kit with 1,000 lumens of headlight power to see up to 30m ahead and be seen from over 2 km away.



  • 1 x SL-1000
  • 1 x Helmet Mount (select above)
  • 1 x Narrow Diffuser
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Full Coverage Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Grant B. (Dunnellon, United States)
Finally a light that lasts!

After owning three Cateye lights and having them all break after a few months of use thanks to their cheap charging ports, I decided enough was enough and picked up this great light! It uses USB-C, so unless something obscure stops working, these things last a long time! Would recommend

FBiff (San Diego, United States)
Works awesome

I added an Esk8 and use this light on top of the trucks

F. (San Diego, United States)
Love this light

I have been using this light for about 6 months or so, It was mounted to my onewheel fender for a bit then moved it to the helmet when I pulled my fender.
I run the diffuser and and usually run it on the 1st strobe mode which gives me plenty of light and visibility to vehicles in my early AM escapades.
I have decided to buy another one for my new Esk8 with through the deck trucks I put gopro mounts on the front and rear giving me a place to mount lights for now. This way I can run the light the way I prefer.

R.J. (Leesburg, United States)
SL1000 & Flatland gloves

I originally ordered the SL1000 to use with my helmet. Found it was too heavy. Since I had the light and the action clip already I bought the gloves. Nice gloves. I would like to see a finger version. You still feel the weight of the 1000. I like I can point in all kinds of directions without moving my head. It’s very controllable. Does not flop around or feel flimsy. I like it better this way versus the SL1000 on the helmet. Plus you can easily point light downwards so as not to blind anyone. Hard to do with a helmet light. Overall I like It. Again like to see a finger version. Need to protect the digits.

E.S. (Corozal, Puerto Rico)
Unlucky Broken Light

I have been using these lights since they got out and there is no doubt that these are one of the best lights I've bought in a long time. But today was the end of it. I was riding through the night in the streets, it wasn't a perfect road, but it wasn't the worst road I've road with the lights either. Then all of a sudden I started hearing a strange noise so i stopped and checked the board. And thats when I noticed that one of the sl1000 lights broke. The lights were on and all, but the rubber lock broke.

Art (Abingdon, United States)
Like skating with the sun on your helmet!

These things are great! Easily dimmable with a gloved finger.

Kien F. (Temple City, United States)

Great lights, extremely bright, feels very sturdy and durable.

Fantastic lights and their great after-sales service.

This light is optimized for night riding and is a necessary light. Unfortunately, the light has recently broken. But they checked my email and sent me a new light right away. It works very well. The quality of the lights is excellent, but they listened to the customers and took quick action. I learned why Shredlights is the best light company.

Josh L. (Princeton, United States)

The perfect weight to brightness ratio! Yes, u could get a better flashlight in brightness, but then you actually have to think about it. The sl1000 dissapears on your head or in ur hand and is just bright enough to cruise. I wouldn’t recommend going faster than 15mph on trails and 18 on roads with this but if u have really good reactions, be my guest. The other positive to it being not as bright is that if u ride with a group it’s the max brightness to not kill ur friends eyes although, DO be careful when this is at full blast. Overall, I have bought 3 of these.

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