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Almost perfect

Been using these for about two weeks now. The mounts are great, love the simple use and lighting options are spot on. Two things that are still a challenge. 1. The front light has to be removed to power off as only one button is accessible while in mount. 2. The rear light can vibrate loose and fall out of the mount, so need to check on it once in a while.

Hey Joshua, Thanks for the review! You can actually turn the lights off by pressing and holding either side button for 1.5 seconds. This will prevent having to take them off every time.
Shredding with the ShredLights

Excellent product. Fit is excellent. Easy quick install. Charging is a breeze !!

Very Bright, but clip does not always lock securely

The lights are nice for commuting at night time and warning drivers about you passing. It's easy to switch modes, turn on/off, and slide into the mounts, though my only concern is the new S-clip. Although it fits very snug, it does not always lock in. I have already lost one of the lights on my commute back from work, and I am now afraid of the other ones falling. Amazing product, but I hope they last the commute.

Highly recommended

I’ve got my Shredlights on the eboard and they definitely turn heads. Not only do they look awesome night and day, but most importantly makes my rides a whole lot safer. Big double thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻

Improved Engineering; Top Performance

The new ShredLights are brighter, easier to put on and remove, don't have to be removed to charge, and last longer on a charge. They win you respect by making you highly visible so cars and other vehicles give you space. You need these lights for day or night if you skate on roads with cars.

By far the best lights on the market!

These lights are awesome nobody who buys them will ever be disappointed plus they give you stickers which makes it even more awesome!!


Well made stuff and looks pretty nice.

Route Shipping Insurance

Great For City Riding

I received my shredlights a little less than a month ago now, I got the combo pack with both the headlights and taillights to put on my Backfire G2S. I’m very impressed by the quality of the product, I had read many reviews before deciding to give them a try. I was honestly skeptical considering all of the issues with the older model. Mine have been holding up great! They do vibrate against the board in the back however, and make this awful sound, so I’m going to try to use a different mount with them. They are VERY bright at the max setting, maybe even too bright for oncoming traffic! Considering how low they are to the ground they still manage to light up a decent amount of pavement in front of you. It’s literally a night and day difference when it comes to safety as well. I ride in Westchester as well as NYC, and before I had these lights riding at night was DANGEROUS up here. I would watch people driving look right passed me and not see me, but now they definitely see me coming. The battery life is exceptional as well. I haven’t run them down to nothing yet, but I only charge them every 2 or 3 days, and haven’t noticed any decrease in brightness after several hours of use. Overall I would definitely recommend these if you’re on the fence about whether or not you need them. No one paid me to write this either, they’re just genuinely good.

Boosted board upgrade

You guys are awesome, great communication and fast delivery thank you so much

SL-200 Combo Pack

Very easy to install very bright I use it all the time

Best of Best

Order 3 combo sets for my Eboards and let me just say this, "Out of this WORLD"!!!
Couldn't be more happy🤙
Thank you for the impressive tech 💯

Huge upgrade!

Already liked the 1st gen, but this is nextlevel lights for your esk8 board. Absolutely love these! Cheers from Norway

Best lights ever

Significant upgrade over the previous model.
Makes riding my Boosted Stealth at night extremely easy!

SL-200 Combo Pack

Excellent customer service

Though I think there is room for improvements in packaging and instructions, the customer service is excellent

Pricey but worth the extra $$

I usually hold a flashlight when riding in the dark but I was told about shredlights a while back but 1st gen I borrowed from my friends while his board was being repaired wasn’t bright enough. The 2nd gen is a drastic difference! Much higher visibility of the road and my main concern being seen on the road! So far 5/5 purchase for me!

Replacement Light

This order was for a replacement taillight. The customer service I received was beyond exceptional. Thank you Shred lights.

Huge upgrade over the originals

I had the original Shred Lights for my Boosted v2. They worked fairly well and mostly did the trick in terms of increasing my visibility for night and low light riding. However, they had issues handling vibration over the long term (lights would go out sometimes), and I lost multiple rear toe side lights because they would pop off while riding.

The new lights address these issues and then some. The clip in system is way more secure than the stretch fit on the old lights. They handle vibration much better, project light much farther, and have more beam modes.

They are absolutely worthwhile for a first time buyer and for anyone looking to upgrade from the older model lights.

Great stuff

Excellent product, excellent customer service.

Great lights for my board, very clean and easy to install.


would be great to have then bluetooth enabled so you can turn them on from your phone

Skateboard Headlights

Love the new lights, easy to use, but would definitely like a wider angle so that you can see trip hazards wayyyyy in advanced :-)

Bright and work great

Easy to charge, attached and take off, bright and work great. Also very light so doesn’t add to weight of board. Love that there water resistant too.