Pre-order esk8 Tail Lights - Water Resistant

*This item is a pre-order. You will be charged upon purchase for this item. Item will be shipped no later than June 1, 2017.*


Electric Board Fit

This kit allows for the use tail lights on electric boards. Due to the power truck on the rear of electric boards, the traditional under mount light does not currently work. This kit fixes that problem by mounting the tail lights on the top of the board.

The Lights

ShredLights are the cutting edge of skateboard illumination. Truly one of a kind, they are the only removable headlights on the market. What does that mean for you? More shredding.

The Best Mounting System

The ShredLights bracket is the most advanced mounting system ever put on skateboards. It was designed by skateboarders to be lightweight and discrete. The rubber enclosure of the light allows for easy attachment, but remains rigid enough to take a beating.

What's in the Box

2 Tail Lights, 2 Mounting Brackets, Mounting Kit, USB Charge Cable, Instructions and ShredLights Stickers.