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Dope Grip Pro- Shock Absorbing, Extra Sticky Grip Tape


Add that extra touch of comfort for daily commutes and lock in for trail rides with Dope Grip Pro shock absorbing grip tape. Apply to any deck in minutes using the universal hexagon shapes, or cut to size with the square sheets. We also offer a custom shape for the Evolve Carbon GT & GTR that extends through the outer deck concave.

* 1 comes with 2 sheets, enough to fill the entire deck of 1 board

Universal Hexagon = 24 hexagons, 3" x 3.5" each

Universal Square = 9 5/8" x 13 3/4" per sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
david D.
Dope grip tape pro

Keeps the sticky side sticky and the grippy side grippy, all while giving you a plush ride! Quit reading this and buy it! You can thank me later!

Ervin A. (Arlington, United States)
Dope grip

Excellent pre cut design. Easy to install and dope grip!

Hayden (Bryan, United States)
Dope Grip Tape

This stuff is awesome! Not only did it give my board a major facelift, but the functionality of it has surpassed my expectations. This stuff locks your feel in with no worries of slipping and sliding and provides a fantastic layer of protection against those daunting road vibrations on long rides. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a cost effective board upgrade!

STEVEN E. (Urbandale, United States)
Small easy investment in comfort

Easy to cut and apply. Adds a small degree of comfort. Even better with cloud wheels

John T. (Denver, United States)

Awesome grip

rockgod (Windsor, United States)
Shredlights kill it!

I have 10 SL-200s for me and another rider and just bought an SL-1000 for my helmet. These lights are well made and worth the extra price compared to some lesser options. With all the attachment and bracket options, you can mount them to anything and any skateboard. Use 2 lights in combination with different patterns and it looks like a jet taking off...awesome. Future products I'd like to see are some ground-effects for under the deck, and something for the dog to glow like the Sun on Hankboarding night ops (Hank -> 3yr old 75lb Mastiff/Pitty mix who loves to run and tow old men on fast skateboards).

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