SL-200 Scooter Single Pack

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The scooter single pack is a great starter kit for any rider looking to see and be seen on the road. Our patented S-LOCK design allows you to easily swap the mount between any of the scooters in your garage, recharge your light, and take it off in seconds to prevent theft.



  • 1 x SL-200 (white)
  • 1 x Bar Mount OR 1 x Flat Sticky Mount (select below)
  • 1 x Dual Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty


*SUMMER21 coupon code only applies to SL-200 white light packs*

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
A A. (Kansas City, United States)
Great product

I got a starter pack and really liked them so got some more but returned them because I wanted something brighter so I'm get the 1000 lumens. Really love the s lick easy to install and remove both the mount abs or the light. Definitely would recommend!

Ps customer service was really friendly and helpful with my 30 day guarantee to return and upgrade the light. What's a big fan of great customer service!!!

Jonathan A. (Mount Vernon, United States)

i love the lights

tracy e. (Fort Lauderdale, United States)

Lights work great for my Scooter. They are very visible during my nighttime riding. I plan on adding another set.

Ervin A. (Alexandria, United States)
Bright AF!!!

Very visible even during the day. The hardware and brackets are easy to install and use. Easy clean up wish they had a faster charger.

Jeffrey S. (Strongsville, United States)
Great Lights!

These worked great for my OneWheel night rides!

Logan X. (Chicago, United States)
So far so good

I ordered the scooter combo pack for my girlfriend's bike and her scooter so she can switch them out easily going back and forth to work that is a pretty cool feature that covers both vehicles no problem super easy to switch out and quick for her depending on which thing she wants to take that day. She already had a headlight and taillight she just wasn't visible enough on the busy streets around here and these things definitely do the trick. I also bought the combo headlight pack or my meepo Mini 2 and these things definitely make me feel safer when it starts getting a little darker and you're still out then holding a flashlight in one hand which is what I used to do it's great when I'm out taking the dog for a walk and it gets a little dark I can still see every crack and rock in the road in front of me flying along at 15 miles per hour. Originally I did not purchase the tail lights for my electric longboard and I just have a helmet that flashes but I actually turned around a couple days ago and ordered the taillights too I wish I had gotten this 10% off to make a review earlier because now I've literally bought every product from you guys on for every vehicle I have so I don't really know what better recommendation I can give for that and I don't really know what I'll use it on in the future if you guys just want to figure out a way to hook me up some other way that's fine you guys make a great product. No I'm just hoping they're nice and durable and the batteries last for years to come because out the box I think you guys have the competition beat it's definitely worth the extra couple bucks to get quality and not just replace the damn things every time you crash or they get a little wet or the batteries go to crap. oh yeah don't stare into them directly when you turn them on they are brighter then Gods a****** and you won't be able to see you for the first 5 minutes of your ride LOL.

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