Skateboard Night Ops Pack

Which mounts do I need?

A compact light kit with 600 lumens of headlight power, 80 lumens of tail light power, and a 1,000 lumen helmet light to see up to 30m ahead and be seen from over 2 km away.  Click here to learn more about our skateboard mounting system.



  • 1 x White SL-1000
  • 2 x SL-300
  • 2 x SL-R1
  • 2 x Skateboard Mounts
  • 1 x Adjustable Helmet Mount
  • 1 x Curved Sticky Mount with VHB
  • 1 x Narrow Diffuser for SL-1000
  • 2 x Dual USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Single USB-C Charging Cable
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Full Coverage Warranty
  • Quick-Release Mounting

    S-LOCK mounting is easy to install and allows you to quickly remove ShredLights for charging or switching to between different boards, bikes, helmets and more.

    Be Seen From 2 km Away.

    Not all lights are created equal. Research shows that a focused lens design combined with interruptive flashing patterns can make riders up to 2.5x more visible to drivers, even during the day.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 73 reviews
    Bruce G.2. (Brookhaven, United States)
    Great lights

    Out of all the mount s I bought the flat ones fit only on Blitzart hurricane gt duel motor. I now have to buy another set of flat ones for the front and back.

    You should be able to use standard mounts for your Hurricane. Feel free to reply to this email and we can help with the proper fitting or get you the correct mounts on us.

    - ShredLights Support

    W.P. (Houston, United States)
    Great Lights Great Service!

    Super bright, lights up the road at night and lets cars and pedestrians know you are coming. Great service, super fast and responsive.

    Curtis W. (Clifton, United States)
    new lights

    My new lights are awesome, very bright and very well built. They are the best lights on the market. Thank you Shred Lights for a great product. Thank you, Sincerely Yours, Curtis

    Raymond K. (Santa Rosa, United States)
    Killer night Ops pack

    I love these lights super bright I like to carve around late night when no cars are around these are Perfect headlights helmet light tail lights

    Huib V. (Red Hill, New Zealand)
    Excellent lights

    I purchased a skateboard combo pack, SL-FX and helmet lights. All are great - the helmet light is a must for seeing far enough ahead when skating in near total darkness.

    Alvin L. (San Jose, United States)
    I should have not waited

    I purchase the night ops set. I wish I didn’t wait so long to purchase them! Shredlights makes ridding at night so much more fun and dramatically reduce my anxiety of hitting any obstacles.
    The SL-300s are bright enough for my board while the SL-1000 mounted to my helmet is superbly bright to see the road ahead but not too bight to accidentally blind on coming traffic.

    Jason D. (Sammamish, United States)

    Skateboard Night Ops Pack

    Enrique T. (Orlando, United States)
    Awesome lights to keep you safe!

    Currently building my first electric skateboard. I usually commute to work before the sunrise or sunset. I been using my phone's flash light to see what's in front of me or to warn other drivers that I'm around. I bought the night ops bundle and I can say that it's been a huge life saver. Not only can I see in front of me. But I can see far enough to change my course If somethings in the way.

    Usually you will have these lights mounted on your board. This does come with a problem, most objects on the floor will cast a long shadow. While this might be an issue for some, not for me. It's clear when something's in the way at least. But if you combine this with the sl-1000 on your helmet as a headlight. It complements the lights. The long shadows don't become and issue and being able to see in the direction you turn your head is a massive pro. If you have the budget for theses. I say 100 percent go for it. There's not many quality lights in the market that are like theses.

    Also to make this review short. The mounting options are plentiful and literally never fall of when riding. 10/10

    Anthony S. (Upland, United States)
    Best upgrade you can do for night rides!

    The night Ops package is rad!
    The sl300's are bright, the sl100 is gnarly bright! I would highly recommend these to anyone with an Esk8.

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