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Skateboard Night Ops Pack

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A compact light kit with 600 lumens of headlight power, 80 lumens of tail light power, and a 1,000 lumen helmet light to see up to 30m ahead and be seen from over 2 km away.  Click here to learn more about our skateboard mounting system.



  • 1 x White SL-1000
  • 2 x SL-300
  • 2 x SL-R1
  • 2 x Skateboard Mounts
  • 1 x Adjustable Helmet Mount
  • 1 x Curved Sticky Mount with VHB
  • 1 x Narrow Diffuser for SL-1000
  • 2 x Dual USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Single USB-C Charging Cable
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Full Coverage Warranty
  • Quick-Release Mounting

    S-LOCK mounting is easy to install and allows you to quickly remove ShredLights for charging or switching to between different boards, bikes, helmets and more.

    Be Seen From 2 km Away.

    Not all lights are created equal. Research shows that a focused lens design combined with interruptive flashing patterns can make riders up to 2.5x more visible to drivers, even during the day.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 61 reviews
    Timothy H. (Waxhaw, United States)

    these lights are sick. best thing I ever bought!!

    Jennifer (Plainwell, United States)

    I am loving these lights! I like to night ride around my town, and they are perfect.

    Matthew L. (Laceyville, United States)
    Great lighting system for your night time riding.

    Just need to make plates that work on the Waterborne Surf Adapter system since it ends up aiming them into the air. Other Surf Adapters probably have a similar experience. Rear lighting is great I've been using them in flashing mode so as to alert traffic behind me that I'm there.

    wigmar m. (Orlando, United States)

    Skateboard Night Ops Pack

    Wil G. (Boydton, United States)
    These lights are great.

    I mounted 2x SL-300s, 2x SL-R1, and 1x SL-1000 on my WowGo At 2. It looks really cool and everyone is jealous. The lights stay firmly attached and are easy to charge. I'm very happy with my purchase.

    Anonymous (Kitchener, Canada)

    They work amazing I love my Shredlights

    Giuseppe L. (Deltona, United States)
    This Company Is Amazing! Their Customer Service Is 5 Out Of 5!

    This company is amazing! Their customer service is 5 out of 5! I purchased the Night Ops Pack and USPS somehow lost my package while in transit.
    I contacted Shredlights and they immediately sent me a brand new order and had it rushed to my house ASAP!
    These lights are bright! I can now ride my Boosted at night without worrying about cars not seeing me. Such a great upgrade and investment to own for all e-skaters. Thanks!

    Jerry V. (Chicago, United States)
    Top safety gear,

    The number one thing I like, that they're so moduler, i could put it on one esk8 to another, lite and compact, the slick looks like it goes with the board, very smooth, The material definitely does not look cheap, looks a very well made, And so far performs a very well, The lights are very strong but it's not blinding to the on coming traffic it's perfect. Don't settle for nothing less!

    Nic F. (New York, United States)
    Night Ops Pack

    Everything you need and more to get started. These fantastic lights are absolutely the best lights for any electric skateboard. Super easy to mount for use and even easier to remove for charging.

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