SL-1000/R1 Skateboard Combo Pack

Which mounts do I need?

A compact light kit with 2,000 lumens of headlight power and 80 lumens of tail light power to see up to 20m ahead and be seen from over 2 km away.  Click here to learn more about our skateboard mounting system.


  • 2 x White SL-1000
  • 2 x SL-R1
  • 2 x Skateboard Mounts
  • 1 x Narrow Diffuser for SL-1000
  • 1 x Dual USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Single USB-C Charging Cable
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Full Coverage Warranty
  • Quick-Release Mounting

    S-LOCK mounting is easy to install and allows you to quickly remove ShredLights for charging or switching to between different boards, bikes, helmets and more.

    Be Seen From 2 km Away.

    Not all lights are created equal. Research shows that a focused lens design combined with interruptive flashing patterns can make riders up to 2.5x more visible to drivers, even during the day.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 524 reviews
    Spencer G.
    Awesome addition to the board!

    Been riding for over 2 years, and I loved going on night rides but had to only go where there was lights, or just come back after sunset. This pack makes it possible to ride not only safely at night but also In style. I head out at sunset every night and when the sun goes down I turn on the lights (all flashing). The attention the board gets is overwhelming in a good way!! Everyone stops and looks at it, I’ve gotten several positive comments on it from strangers! This is a must buy if you want to experience electric skateboarding fully!
    Would recommend!

    Spencer geake

    Have any more questions? DM me on Instagram @spencergeake

    Andrew A. (Los Angeles, United States)
    Customer Service comes easy to ShredLights

    ShredLights know how to handled there Service Desk. They are quick to respond and easy to work with. Rest assured! You will be taken care of.

    Corey S. (Midlothian, United States)
    Solid build, good coverage, long battery life.

    Very happy with my purchase, can't wait to buy underglow once they're in stock.

    Seth (Portland, United States)
    Lights lasted only a year

    I lost a light a couple weeks ago and have been scratching my head as to how that could happen. They are on an Eboard that doesn’t see much abuse because it’s expensive as hell. Took it out today and noticed the remaining light hanging by its rubber casing. Why are the mounts just attached to rubber? These lights are not built to last

    Sorry to hear that Seth. We got these issues fixed on our latest model of lights (SL-300/R1). If you reply to this email we are happy to help out with some replacements for you.


    Bryant E. (Rumson, United States)
    Looks good, does what they're supposed to.

    lights work, keeping me safe at night.

    D.C. (Minneapolis, United States)

    First time purchaser here and WOW these are amazing, Insanely bright for being super small This is definetly worth every penny and whoever wrote thanks on the return label of mine thanks to you, you guys are awesome and are doing great work, best lights I've ever purchased, people think I'm on a motorcycle the lights are so bright lol

    carlos s. (San Diego, United States)
    They work great

    The only reason I didn’t give it a five star is because they gave me the wrong mounts and I had to drive all the way to the store to get the right one.

    Glenn J. (Sherman Oaks, United States)
    Best lights

    Best lights on the market!

    Peter P. (Portland, United States)
    Amazing e skateboard lights & great customer service!

    Very happy with my purchase! These lights are super bright and cars on a road will see you like the beacons of Gondor as well as provide the light of Eärendil's star! Lol! Customer service for this company is outstanding! They go out of their way to follow up and make things right! I would purchase again and highly recommend these durable, well built, bright Led lights!

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