SL-200 Skateboard Combo Pack

White & Red SL-200 Combination

The most popular pack for adding front and rear lights to any skateboard or longboard in minutes. Take safety into your own hands and be seen from over 2,000 feet away. Easily swap the same lights between any of your boards, helmets, and more with our range of S-LOCK mounts. 



  • 1 or 2 x White SL-200
  • 1 or 2 x Red SL-200
  • 1 x Standard Skateboard Mounts
  • 1 x Rear Skateboard Mounts (select below)
  • 1 or 2 x Dual Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 807 reviews

Amazing best skate board lights

Powerful then the allspark from transformers

Love these lights, brighter then I expected, good thing I can swap them from my backfire to my lycaon it was the decision, I'll be gettin more stuff from y'all thnx for havin my back guys. XD

The "be all, end all" of bike/board lights, reasonbly priced, & comes with stickers!

These lights are impressively bright for how small they are! They have, in my opinion, the right amount of throw plus focus, as well as battery life. They're great at illuminating what's in front of my board in the way that fog lights on my car illuminate the road, with these mounted UNDER the board that is. I don't know how much different they'd be on top of the board... but I'll definitely test them out like that soon regardless.

They seem to be rugged enough to withstand some abuse and are surprisingly lightweight as well! Overall, these lights are, well... "impressive"! I've found these lights to be so impressive in fact, that I just ordered an additional 2x bar mounts, so now I will have enough mounts to swap my lights between my board(s) AND my bikes.. which I should also mention, these lights are excellent when it comes to easily being removed from one thing and putting them on something else! What's more... I also just ordered another 4-light mountainboard combo pack to give to a family member for THEIR ride(s), because I truly think these are simply that good!

*When I say "reasonably priced", I consider the quality of the lights themselves, the lighting modes, visibility to others in the area (including oncoming traffic), and the mounting system to be absolutely worth the price! I've bought cheap lights in the past, I've bought really expensive lights in the past, and one thing has always remained the same: Right out of the box, I had buyer's remorse because I had spent money on something that wasn't at all like their description made them out to sound. With Shredlights, I was pleasantly surprised to have received that which was advertised... and then some! I honestly didn't expect these lights to be as lightweight as they are, and really didn't expect them to be as bright as they are, especially after feeling how light they were! Did I mention how easy it is to swap the lights to other rides? Granted, you have to go through the process of mounting the mounts on whatever different things you ride, but then that's really all the actual effort you'll ever have to do from then on! After that, it's a simply push on the tab, pull on the light, push on the light & hear the ~click~, and you're done! Rinse & repeat as desired!

To summarize: When Bontrager lights go to sleep at night, they dream of being Shredlights!


Very pleased

sl-200 lights

these are excellent light and options for various mode

super bright

I bought these (sl-200) lights after reading so many positive reviews.
After more than a month of propva I can also say that they are fantastic.
lots of light and lots of durability.
I recommend them to everyone.

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