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We couldn't exist without the support of the PEV community. That's why we support local group rides and PEV events around the world to encourage safer riding and spread the joy of shredding together.

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Get exclusive sneak peaks, ask questions and share with other riders from around the world.

Event Recaps

Night-Ro 2 Speed

Night-Ro 2 Speed

Check out how the SDESK8 race teams trains for electric skateboard races at night in San Diego, CA.
ESK8 CON 2022

ESK8 CON 2022

Wow! What a weekend. Eric here to share our experience of the first annual ESK8 CON that took place in Las Vegas on March 26th & 27th, 2022.
Halloween Ride 2021 | 300+ Riders in DTLA

Halloween Ride 2021 | 300+ Riders in DTLA

We had an epic time at the Halloween ride in downtown LA hosted by Flux MVMNT! There were over 300 riders and the energy was high as we took over the streets.

Find a Group Ride near you

San Diego

San Diego Esk8 (SDESK8) is a group of PEV enthusiasts based in the San Diego, California area. SDESK8 Facebook Group

Los Angeles

The biggest PEV group in Los Angeles hosts frequent rides all around the city. LAPEV Facebook Page

San Francisco

BAESK8 is the premier electric vehicle enthusiast group in the California Bay Area. Come join us, share everything eskate and PEV related. Everybody is welcome! Visit the BAESK8 Website

New York City

Founded in November 2016, NYC Eboarding connects a diverse range of electric skateboard enthusiasts located in the New York metropolitan area toparticipate in group rides and other events. Visit the NYC Eboarding Website

Washington, D.C.

DCESK8 is a community of over 700 for PEV owners, enthusiasts, and advocates to come together and enjoy the freedom ofriding through the beautiful streets of Washington D.C. Visit the DCESK8 Website


The DFW ESK8 ALLIANCE is a group that welcomes all PEVs and mainly focuses around electric skateboards. We reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We ARE the ESK8 Capital Texas. Join the Facebook Group


We are a electric vehicle group based out of Colorado Springs. We offer product demos, group rides, and family friendly fun for everyone! Join the Facebook Group


This group is for Phoenix area PEV riders to organize Group Rides talk about mods or ask any questions to improve your board & experience. Join the Facebook Group

Clemson Boards Club

Clemson Boards is a skateboarding and longboarding organization that began as a way to bring together students pursuing the hobby of skateboarding and E-boarding. Join the Discord

Toronto E-Riders

Toronto E-Riders is one of the largest PEV communities in Canada. With thousands of members that stretch far into the GTA, you can visit and ride any terrain you can think of with some great people. Join the Telegram or Facebook to learn more!

The Story of NYC Eboarding

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ShredLights proudly supports the PEV community by donating products to be given away at local group rides at events. If you're interested in having us sponsor your next ride, complete the application below and our events team will get back to you in 2-4 business days.

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