Surron LED Underglow Kit
Surron LED Underglow Kit
Surron LED Underglow Kit
Surron LED Underglow Kit
Surron LED Underglow Kit
Surron LED Underglow Kit

Surron LED Underglow Kit

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Light up your bike in minutes with smart RGB lights & magnetic mounts

The SL-FX+ is the simplest way to light up your night rides with 10,000+ color combinations tucked inside a compact and durable shell. No messy wires or soldering allows you to install these on your Surron in minutes, then connect to the ShredLights app to customize the colors and light modes - plus, you can control multiple lights with the push of a single button! This bundle include additional magnetic sticky mounts for even more convenient mounting.

Key Features

Install in Minutes

Skip the wires and install your mounts in minutes. Then attach and remove lights using S-LOCK™ quick release mounting for charging or swapping lights between bikes.

Pick your Perfect Colors

Pair to the app to customize colors and light modes from over 10,000 combinations. Check your battery status and adjust the brightness to increase battery life to your ride length.

Sync Multiple Lights Together

Control up to 12 lights as a group to sync light colors and modes for a seamless look. Use any light in the group to turn the entire group on/off and change group modes all without the app.

Enjoy Hands Free Control

Skip the buttons and app by enabling auto on/off to make your lights turn on with motion and turn off after 2 minutes of no motion to conserve battery life.

Built to Last 1000+ Miles

Full Control at Your Fingertips

Controlling individual lights is a thing of the past. Now you can customize groups of 12 lights with a single touch. Download the Free ShredLights app now:

Download iPhone | Download Android

Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews
LUIS L. (Houston, United States)
The best warranty

The warranty these guys have is incredible, I have 3 electric skateboards and I have 21 lights and they have them all working, thanks to the warranty.

Andrew L. (Perth, Australia)
Robust Products

My use is a bit different; a decent helmet light and rear and underside (SL-FX+) lights for the back and underside of a lightweight wheelchair. I confess I was originally a bit skeptical about the durability of the fixing tape but no issues. When the courier got a bit waylaid, Andrew was on it to see where things were. The products themselves are very well made and designed and do what they claim.


Best purchase I’ve made this year. They make my board look ten times better and I’m more visible at night which is everything.

Tony B.J. (Los Angeles, United States)
( SL- FX ) E-BIKE UNDERGLOW 10 / 10 ⭐️

Purchased 2 SL-FX Lights for my Talaria Sting R
last week. Shipping came quick and in perfect condition. Box they come in has all the information on and inside to get it working.

The QR code was provided for the app and it was very simple to link both SL FX lights.

Fast charging via USB C cable that come with it and easy to put on/off from the clips provided.

Installation is easy, I went with the clip with double sided 3M tape, just clean are before installing. I recommend using a heat gun or hairdryer to heat the 3M tape so it’s warm to the touch then place it in the desired location. They also come with magnetic clips aswell if that works for you.

All n all I give it a 10 / 10 just wish I would have gotten another one. I think 3 is perfect for a SurRon or Talaria Mx3/Mx4/XXX.

Only problem I had was fitting them in some spots on my bike. If they were alil smaller I would be able to slide it off the clips easier for charging, but honestly they’re soo much better then a 12v wired glow kit.


The light unit isn't as long as I was hoping, but it too boxy. For as large as it is, it doesn't produce a very large underglow. The app and controllability is very nice. But still these are overpriced for what they are. One of mine fell off on a ride, so I removed the other one.

d. (Amersfoort, The Netherlands)
So much potential but lackluster product

Do not buy these lights. They are very cool, the light is bright but for the rest they are awful. The bluetooth functions only work when they feel like it and that happens only about 20% of the time. The app is miserable to use and has to be restarted multiple times in order for it to work properly.
of the 160 bucks i paid for this i regret about 120 of it. Just buy a Led strip from amazon for a couple of bucks, should work better than this crap.

Sorry to hear about your app experience. We have seen some issues with the Android app for some being buggy, and we are working hard on an OTA update that should fix this. In the meantime, can you please report this directly in the app?

If you're too frustrated, we understand that too. Hopefully you can enjoy some non-app use until we get this fixed.

- ShredLights Support

Patrizio A. (New York, United States)
Best lights for PEVs hands down

Prior to discovering red light riding around with a huge flashlight I’m glad those days are long down after the SL 1000

John T. (Aurora, United States)
Shreadlights are the best lights

I own multiple lights love all of them. They stand behind there products!!!

OneWill (Cincinnati, United States)
Sooooo cool

These FX+ are sooooo darn cool.
Many light modes, definitely bright and vibrant and the mounting system is so versatile it's crazy. The app is definitely an awesome addition

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