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The Sticky Mounts are nearly a year old and we've seen some amazing uses among the riding community. This blog will explain the differences between the 4 variations of sticky mounts that we offer, and where each one is most effective.
Today, we present the 2020 Angled Mounts as the go-to mount for the rear trucks of the Exway Flex, Backfire Zealot, and the continued mount for Boosted longboards (V1, V1, Plus & Stealth).  As of 9/11/20, all Skateboard Combo Packs, Skateboard Two Packs, and Skateboard Night Ops Packs will include the new 2020 Angled Mounts. We will also be selling the new Angled Mounts standalone on the Skateboard Mounts page. With the new design coming in, we still have some of the 2019 Angled Mounts for sale at 50% off.
When it comes to customizing your electric skateboard, there are tons of ways to go about it. Jacob from the ShredLights team got in contact with three ambassadors to get the full rundown on how they got inspired to create these custom shredding machines that are unlike any other boards around. Plus, he had a chance to get behind the scenes with one of the most unique custom grip tape designers we've ever seen.

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