SL-300+ Skateboard Headlights
SL-300+ Skateboard Headlights
SL-300+ Skateboard Headlights
SL-300+ Skateboard Headlights
SL-300+ Skateboard Headlights

SL-300+ Skateboard Headlights

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The SL-300+ and SL-R1+ are compact smart lights that are the ultimate night riding companions. Control your lights wirelessly via Bluetooth, syncing them to the app and each other. Adjust brightness with ease with up to 300 lumens per light. Stay visible with 3 flash modes and Group Sync, keeping all lights flashing in unison for added safety. Use Brake Mode to automatically let others know that you're slowing down. Compatible with any S-LOCK mounts, they’re easy to install on any of your rides. Enjoy the convenience of Auto on/off and never press a button again. Order now and ride safer and brighter!

See how they Work

New Smart Features

Ride Safer & Maximize Fun

Brake Mode

Increase your visibility from behind with 4 brake modes (constant, slow flash, fast flash & burst flash) that automatically go to full brightness when braking is detected.* Brake mode is only available on the SL-R1+.

ShredLights App

Full Wireless Control

The days of controlling individual lights are over. Now you can control groups of 12 lights with a single touch. Create light groups for each vehicle, then customize 3 different group light modes for different environments.

Battle tested Design

10 years of testing and feedback from riders paved the way for 100+ design improvements that make these the best skateboard lights ever made.

Easy Installation

Set up in Minutes

1) Pair To the App

Hold the side button for 5 seconds to enable pairing mode.

2) Install Lights

Clip your lights securely into any S-LOCK mounts.

3) Make it Yours

Customize each light until it matches your needs.

S-LOCK Mounting

Swap mounts in seconds

Quick release S-LOCK mounting makes ShredLights the most versatile lights in the world by allowing you to switch your lights between mounts in seconds. Over 5 years of testing and development has gone into creating the perfect marriage of versatility and durability so you can ride confidently knowing your lights are secure.


How it Works

The SL-R1+ must be parallel to the ground with the lens pointing opposite to the direction of movement (backwards) in order to detect the correct braking direction. When you slow down rapidly, the SL-R1+ changes from the current light mode to solid mode at full brightness for 2 seconds (or longer depending on how fast you are moving) then returns to the current light mode.


  1. If the SL-R1+ is not parallel to the ground it may not provide accurate braking detection.
  2. Riding uphill or downhill may cause false-positive brake detection or missed brake detection.
  3. Vibration of the light may cause false-positive brake detection or missed brake detection.

Yes! You can download it here.

Yes, you can use the SL-300+ and SL-R1+ without the app including Brake Mode and Group Sync.

No, there is not a trade-in program at this time. If you purchased within the past 30 days, you can email us at to return your lights for a full refund.

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