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SL-200 Product Questions

How long does the SL-200 take to charge?

2 hours. The indicator light in the lens of the ShredLight will go from red to green when fully charged.

How long is the battery life of the SL-200?

White Lights:Low Power (25 hours), Medium Power (6 hours), High Power (3 hours), Slow Flash (48 hours), Fast Flash (12 hours), Burst Flash (40 hours).

Red Lights:Low Power (50 hours), Medium Power (20 hours), High Power (10 hours), Slow Flash (150 hours), Fast Flash (40 hours), Burst Flash (150 hours).

Can I purchase a solo SL-200?

Yes, please email if you would like to purchase a solo SL-200.

SL-1000 Product Questions

How long does the SL-1000 take to charge?

3.5 hours.
The LED indicator will shine green when charged over 75%, orange when 25%-75%, and red when lower than 25%. This inidicator will light up with current battery level every time the light is turned on/off.

How long is the battery life of the SL-1000?

Constant Modes:50 lumens - 50 hours / 250 lumens - 8 hours / 500 lumens - 4 hours / 750 lumens - 2.5 hours / 1000 lumens - 1.5 hours

Constant Burst:
50 lumens - 50 hours / 250 lumens - 8 hours / 500 lumens - 4 hours / 750 lumens - 2.5 hours / 1000 lumens - none

Slow Flash:50 lumens - 250 hours / 250 lumens - 40 hours / 500 lumens - 20 hours / 750 lumens - 12.5 hours / 1000 lumens - none

Fast Flash:50 lumens - 200 hours / 250 lumens - 32 hours / 500 lumens - 16 hours / 750 lumens - 10 hours / 1000 lumens - none

Burst Flash: 50 lumens - 250 hours / 250 lumens - 40 hours / 500 lumens - 20 hours / 750 lumens - 12.5 hours / 1000 lumens - none

What do the lens diffusers do and how do I use them?

The lens diffusers were created to change the angle of the shining beam.

No diffusers will allow the light to shine the brightest and in the most concentrated beam.

The medium diffuser will spread the light out the most, covering a larger area but less intensity of brightness.

The narrow diffuser is in the middle of both options, allowing you to spread the beam while still maintaining brightness.

*Using the medium diffuser is the safest option to NOT blind oncoming traffic.*

To install a diffuser, first unscrew and remove the lens cap from the light. Place the diffuser onto the lens. Re-screw the lens cap back on.


Do the SL-1000's use the same mounts as the SL-200's?

Yes. The SL-1000 ShredLights utilize the same mounts as the SL-200 ShredLights. This means you can swap your lights between mounts with ease. This includes all skateboard mounts, action mounts, action clips, bar mounts, and sticky mounts.


Why does my SL-1000 top button blink orange instead of turning on?

This means you have enabled lockout mode. You can enable/disable lockout mode by holding both side buttons for 3 seconds. Lockout mode is intended for use when transporting your light, and when you want to ensure your light does not turn on accidentally.



How do I attach a solo ShredLight to the top of the deck?

You will use one Standard Skateboard Mount and attach it to the top truck screws. Essentially you will attach a "left side" mount to the right side set of screws. We have a walkthrough video of this in the video tutorials page. We sell all skateboard mounts in pairs.


SL-300/ SL-R1 Questions:

How long is the battery life/ time to charge?


Shipping Questions

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost varies depending on the shipping method chosen. You can estimate your shipping cost on the cart page before checkout.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping speed also varies depending on the shipping method chosen. A general guide on shipping timelines are as follows:


USPS First Class Package: 3-5 Business Days


USPS Priority Mail: 2-3 Business Days


APC International: 7-21 Business Days


DHL Express: 3-5 Business Days



Do you ship to my country?

Yes. We offer a cheaper but longer APC option (uses your national post 7-21 business days), and a more expensive but fast DHL Express option (3-5 business days) to nearly anywhere in the world. As of 1/1/2021 we will no longer be shipping to the UK (due to new shipping restrictions and tax codes).


To help avoid shipping costs, we suggest finding a local retailer.

Are Duties and Taxes Included?

You have the option to pay duties and taxes at checkout. The fees will be calculated before purchase. If you choose to not pay the fees at checkout, ShredLights will not be liable to cover them.

My order has not updated for a long time...

If your tracking number has had consistent updates, and then has stalled, the order is still on the way but has been delayed.
If your tracking number only states that the label has been made but not picked up, then please reach out to

My order states it was delivered but I have not received it...

In this case, please give your order a day or two as sometimes the delivery status is premature. 9/10 times the order arrives the next day. If your order has still not arrived after 2 days of this status, please reach out to support@shredlights.comyou will not be penalized for the wait.

Warranty Questions

What does the 90 day included warranty cover?

All ShredLights have a 90-day limited warranty that covers any manufacturing defects, tears in the rubber casing or O-ring, and damage to the S-LOCK attachment mechanism. The warranty does not cover water damage; SL-200 ShredLights are IP65 water resistant, not waterproof. Avoid severe exposure to water and always make sure the lights are dry before charging.

What is your return Policy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all orders placed at If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at and mail the items you'd like to return to: ShredLights RMA, 3780 Hancock St., Suite B, San Diego, CA 92110.Please include your name on the label or inside the package. If all of the items are received, we will reach out regarding a full refund, and the money will be back in your bank in 2-3 business days.

How do I file a warranty claim?

Please visit the warranty claim page to start the process. Our support team will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

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