Magnetic Sticky Mount
Magnetic Sticky Mount
Magnetic Sticky Mount
Magnetic Sticky Mount
Magnetic Sticky Mount

Magnetic Sticky Mount

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Our Newest S-LOCK Mount

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  • Faster and easier to attach/remove lights
  • Strong magnets with up to 7 lbs of pull strength
  • Add steel base to any flat surface with VHB tape from 3M
  • Attach sticky mount to any magnetic surface

Avoid placing the magnet directly on ESC.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kyler T. (Ruston, United States)
Way Stronger than expected

Way Stronger than expected. Doesn’t fall off when board rolls. way easier to take off for charging

Joe R. (Laguna Beach, United States)
Great new accessory

I love being able to attach these to any metal surface on my board or bike. Makes it quick and easy to switch between all the different toys.


Love these


It’s honestly not as strong as I thought it was going to be but it’s strong, nonetheless and very convenient to detach and reattach 

Mad (Paris, France)
perfect fit.

Discreet, reliable, strong

D.M. (Centereach, United States)
Needs a slight tweak but still grade A

The mount is stronger than expected, but after hitting a nice bump with my sl1000 (fairly heavy compared to other shredlights) on an underboard mount setup, it did fall off the board. If you have the slr1s and sl300s you will have no problems, but if you intend to use this for an sl1000, I suggest you follow this advice:

-top mount the light using a rectangular anti sink plate for the sticky base plate


-try to magnetize the sticky base plate with the opposite polarity of the magetic mount using a strong magnet.

After the incident I tried the second option using an n52 grade neodymium magnet to magnetize the baseplate and I can barely get the light off now. I'm hesitant to try it because of what happened last time, but I think it will work out. ShredLights actually sent me a new one so I could try a top mount (as you can only use the sticky base plate once). Amazing customer service! Will totally be buying more mag mounts for my other lights and my future ShredLights purchases.

Jeffrey M. (Denver, United States)

These lights are the best I have found for my kids bikes, built well and can use them on my one wheel as well with the magnetic sticky mounts. Super strong!

Michael J. (Sacramento, United States)

So much more convenient and accessible than the previous slide in mount. No complaints.

Rob J. (Adelaide, Australia)
Strong Magnet

I was a it apprehensive but the Shredloght products have been the night lights I have used in the last 20 years. The magnetic mount is very strong, stronger than I anticipated. It’s great for flat surfaces. It was an international order took about 20 or so days to get it. I’m looking for some more lights now.

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