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@ilesk808 (Honolulu, United States)

Hands down the best ever. No need for a review. You already know SHREDLIGHTS

Justin S. (Port Townsend, United States)


Dylan (Dayton, United States)
Cool lights, not so great app.

Android app doesn't appear to be fully finished. Lights don't always follow the programming from the app. Sometimes they show as dead in the app when you just charged them. Cool lights, but very buggy.

SL-300+/R1+ Skateboard Combo Pack
M.P. (Waco, United States)
Bad Bluetooth Connection

Maybe it will get better in the future but right now getting all lights to connect to the app is a struggle. You have to close and reopen the app over and over until all the lights are in sync. Also the app experiences regular crashes. Lights are very bright when on though.

Skateboard Night Ops Pack
Pedro C.I. (Harlingen, United States)
The Rolls Royce of Skate Lights!

I skate a lot during the night, and I feared getting run over by moving vehicles at night. This solved all my problems! Easy to install, I have 2 electric ⚡️ boards and they both worked flawless! The lights are very nice, durable, and they have a weight to them. I’m very pleased with the turnout and I’d totally recommend the NIGHT OPS PACK! You’ll be seen, trust me. 100/10!

Iveman (Tampa, United States)
Fun lighting

These are very cool. Easily programmable, brightness options are great, I highly recommend the.!

Bar Mount
Jamie B. (Corydon, United States)
Accessories for great lights

What can I say best lights and accessories in the business! Bought these to use on our MTB lights trails up now on the stump jumpers or onewheels ! Best Bang for the buck !

Combo pack SL300/R1

That's sooo nice. Very great visibility at a great distance. Awesome brightness for the R1. A must to have for every safety ride by night.
You absolutely need it.

SL-300+/R1+ Skateboard Combo Pack
HERY a.G.r. (Marseille, France)
Satisfaction !!!

Hi, your products are really a big revolution 😁😁👍.
I can easily use them on my motorbike, very useful in my job, and on my e-skate too of course. They exceed all my expectations!!!

Skateboard Night Ops Pack
Joseph B. (Brooklyn, United States)
Great usability the only problem is that one of them didn’t work after a weak but they took care ...

Good lights

Skateboard Tail Lights
Bri B. (New Freedom, United States)
Worth every penny

Bought these with the angled mount for my Backfire G3. I ride with them on, day and night, for added visibility and safety and I'm very pleased with them - they can be seen from far away and I feel much better than going "rogue" without any lights! I recently rode my board backwards (with these brake lights at the front side) to see while navigating an unexpectedly dark ride. They worked pretty well in a darkness pinch as well! Highly recommend.

Skateboard Mounts
Brendan B. (Philadelphia, United States)
Epic quality and Phenomenal customer service!

Three days after purchasing my shred lights I got into a nasty accident! One of my shred lights got destroyed during the crash, the light still worked, but it would no longer mount to the skateboard! Without hesitation, they sent me a brand new light and let me keep the other one free of charge! They also fixed my mounting issue by sending me flat mounts . FYI If you have a meepo voyager x You will need the flatmounts for the front. And you must mount them underneath the board. Thanks for such an awesome product and awesome customer service!

Skateboard Headlights
Anthony R. (O'Fallon, United States)
Best electric skateboard lights

The lights were much brighter than I expected. Highly recommend if you ride longboard at night.

Nathan B. (Olympia, United States)
Great lights

I have the sl1000 they are great i hope they make a automatic lights for the sl 1000 versions.

SL-300+/R1+ Skateboard Combo Pack
Panotpong D. (Nonthaburi, Thailand)

Luvin new option

Jim M. (Amelia, United States)
These lights are amazing

These lights are the best thing on the market for my pitch black morning commute.

Sweet deal

I got the new shred lights that connect to my phone what a great ideal

SL-1000 Lens Cap
John C. (Draper, United States)
Fast delivery of Replacement parts!

I was on a ride and one of my bezels and lens came loose and fell off. Not the first time, but I couldn't find them this time. Check your bezels before you ride.

Skateboard Combo Pack
Nathan W. (Ringgold, United States)
Very good lights

The lights are good can be seen from far but not close up

John s. (Honolulu, United States)
Not impressed

No android app. Not worth it imo.

We DO have an Android app! You should be able to find it under 'ShredLights' on the Google Play store (we have links on our website).

SL-300+/R1+ Skateboard Combo Pack
Bob K. (Dover, United States)
SL-300+/R1+ Combo

Absolutely Awesome! I love being able to to turn all of them on or off at 1 time with the app. Love the headlights, and I love the new brake light feature.

SL-300+/R1+ Skateboard Combo Pack
JP (Winchester, United States)
Awesome functionality!

Love how all the lights can be grouped together in the ShredLights app. Connecting both the R1+ and the SL-300+ lights to the app allow for easy customization and control.

Luis N. (Ardmore, United States)

So far I having so much fun
With them an no problems at all

SL-300+/R1+ Skateboard Combo Pack
Chad B. (Selma, United States)
The best lights available “See and Be Seen”

Absolutely loving the Shredlights SL300+ and the R1+ I purchased and installed on my Zealot S. Great light on the road considering they’re mounted 2 inches above the pavement. The lights work as a group easily controlled through an app. The brake light function seems to be working well also. Loving these lights. Often ride with them on low at night and battery life has been great.

SL-300+/R1+ Skateboard Combo Pack
T.G. (Glendale, United States)
Lighting up a whole new era

I live in Arizona where Summer is hot and the nights is where everyone comes out into the world to get some air, and cool off a bit. These lights are indeed a game changer. They make pairing a breeze, and turning them all on or off, is as simple as pressing the button on one, or using the app. (Android is now live) the brake function works really well ( I ride a Boosted Stealth and a Slick Revolution biard, and the brakes pick up my stopping on both and illuminate appropriately. It does take some getting used to different settings in the App, but once you get set, you're good to go. I also reccomend not having the lights turn on automatically unless you ride this board daily and have a dedicated spot for it to charge. Having it in the backseat makes for awkward lighting in the car and drains the lights pretty fast. Worth the money, durable, and I feel like the Slocos are designed tighter cause I've had issues with old lights coming loose on rides, thay I do not have with this iteration of light.

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