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SL-FX+ Onewheel Underglow Bundle
Eric S. (Reno, United States)
Visible and rad

I've been using these around the town at night. I'm more visible (which is awesome for staying alive) and I just love the glowy vibe. Can't recommend them enough!

SL-300+ Headlight & SL-R1+ Brake Light Bike Bundle
Russell A. (Vacaville, United States)
Brake lights

The brake lights work as advertised. Great product with the Bluetooth capability.

Steel Base for Magnetic Sticky Mount
A (Phoenix, United States)
Great to have--period

These things are strong. Great to use in mounting lights, batteries, cams--anything to your ride(s) and helm(s). Be sure to have both sides you need for whatever mounting application you're doing.

Absolute game changer

The best purchase I’ve made for my electric skateboard. It opens up a world of opportunity for night riding. The way the SL-1000+ lights up the way in front of you is a game changer. Super bright and reaches far enough that if something or someone is in the way you can stop just in time. I’m no longer restricted to riding during the daytime, and when I do ride I’m super visible to everyone. Would 10/10 recommend these to anyone. Five stars.

SL-1000+ Headlight & SL-R1+ Brake Light Bike Bundle
Justin Y. (Seattle, United States)
The best in the game

Definitely going to be only buying from these guys

I love the lights I use them daily. On and off the trail

I think the lights are very well made. The headlights are very bright.

D.H. (Brooklyn, United States)
Amazing these are

The SL 1000. I bought over a year ago probably more than that and I mounted it to my board and I can see at night so great. I have skateboarded since the early 80s. Never would I ride in the complete darkness until now. It is almost as strong as a car headlight. looking forward to try the Bluetooth function. Now, if the light hits the ground while traveling, it probably will come apart as most things will when you drop them while moving so make sure it’s strapped down good or clicked in the place, fun fact, one piece of gorilla tape lined on the mount made a snugger fit.

Adjustable Helmet Mount
Dave H. (Ringwood, United States)
Helmet mount

Works great

SL-1000+ Onewheel Headlights
K.C. (Washington, United States)
As-advertised. Legit

My SL-1000 arrived yesterday and I love it. It's easy to charge, pair, and set up. It's bright af, no joke it has a prominent warning sticker (sticker is a PITA to remove) that basically says not to shine eyes with it or you'll experience temporary blindness. Wonderful product, im ordering 2 more at this moment.

SL-300+ Skateboard Headlights
Steven Z. (Las Vegas, United States)
Genuinely worth every penny

Jumping on the board and having the lights turn on automatically feels so cool. Can’t wait to get the tail lights now… headlights are nice and bright for night riding! Kinda wish they could change colors, but maybe in the future? ShredLights?

SL-FX+ E-Bike Underglow Bundle
Dale M. (Egg Harbor, United States)
Great product

Love the colors

Great Products, Even Greater Customer Service

I eagerly received my ShredLights and was initially disappointed that they didn’t mount the way I’d expected. ShredLights reached out to me after I left a petty bad review, and offered multiple solutions to my issue. Andrew, in particular, was very helpful and understanding.

The lights themselves are tremendous. I feel so much more confident and safe on my night rides. I can fully illuminate and ride roads that are too busy and dangerous during the day.

If you’re on the fence at all about buying these, do it. You won’t regret it.

We apologize for any fitting issue. They will fit on top perfectly. If you'd prefer underneath, then we can send a pair of flat skateboard mounts your way. Just let us know and I can make the order for you.

SL-FX+ Underglow
Angel R. (Brooklyn, United States)
Great lights could be brighter

For the few days i have had them and used them they are great lights the auto on and off is convenient and great quick charging and a decent time of light

SL-300+ Skateboard Headlights
Adam C. (Fort Lauderdale, United States)
No sun, no problem

Installed on my Backfire Ranger X5. Great product. easy installation, I get just over 1 hour on high.

Bar Mount
Eddie C. (New York, United States)
2x bar mounts

Very it's great


I love my ShredLights.

Amazing company and products

This company is amazing. I ordered Shred Lights for my Meepo Envy. The headlights fit and work great! There's many settings depending on how bright you want them, which is great.

The back lights unfortunately did not fit my board and when I emailed shred lights asking which I should order that would fit, they sent me new ones that would fit my board FREE OF CHARGE. No other company would do that. The customer service is amazing. And the new back lights they sent fit and work perfectly.

Surprisingly high quality products, good customer service

I love the equipment and it is just as advertised. The lights are extremely durable and very effective at keeping me visible during times of night skating. The process of pairing my phone with all four lights was seamless. I did have one issue with a set of mounts not being able to be connected on the underside of my Atlas Pro 4WD. I emailed the support team and within a timely manner, they remedied the situation. If I’m ever in the market again for lights, I will definitely be shopping with Shredlights.

SL-FX+ Underglow
Justin D. (Charlotte, United States)
Best lights I’ve owned!

I love these lights! Love the ability to control them using my phone. 10/10 will buy again!

Awesome lights!

The Bluetooth and being able to group everything together makes it so simple

T.L. (Oxford, United States)
SL-1000+ Lens cap-downgrade

I “upgraded” from an SL1000 to the SL1000+. I have had it for only two months. I like the blue tooth functionality and the brightness HOWEVER it fell off my bike mount and the cap cracked when it hit the ground. I was going at a slow speed, and it fell at no more than 3.5 feet. I compared it to my old SL-1000 (I have had this for over two years without issues). Shredlight changed the lens cap from metal to plastic. Saving a couple cents at the sacrifice of product durability is a poor decision. Go with the SL1000 over the + or maybe Shredlight will make a product improvement back to the metal cap.

Thanks for the honest review, we apologize for these issues. We're happy to send 2 of the metal lens caps to you. Simply reply to this and we'll get those sent on the way to you.

SL-FX+ Underglow
Jordan D. (Brooklyn, United States)


SL-100+ and SL-R1+

Could not be more stoked on my lights. The SL-1000s are so bright, and the Bluetooth pairing with the app is so convenient. 10/10 would recommend.

SL-FX+ Underglow
Jose B.A. (Valencia, Spain)
Good customer service

Good warranty support

SL-FX+ Underglow
Adam L. (New York, United States)
Lights won't turn on and support won't respond to emails

Lights won't turn on and support won't respond to emails

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