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John T. (Denver, United States)
Slfx are the most convenient underglows you can get

Best undergrowth, I own 5 others plus another on the way, have them on all my pevs!!!

OneWill (Cincinnati, United States)
Sooooo cool

These FX+ are sooooo darn cool.
Many light modes, definitely bright and vibrant and the mounting system is so versatile it's crazy. The app is definitely an awesome addition

SL-R1 Skateboard Rear Lights
Zachary D. (Cleveland, United States)
Customer service

Andrew was fast and quick to correct my issues and the order was at my door in just a few days. Nothing but compliments for ShredLights

SL-1000+ Skateboard Headlights
JAMES S. (Philadelphia, United States)

Insanely bright!

Not all USBC cables work with this…..

ShredLights should charge via any USB-C cable. What chargers are you having an issue with?

Pai H.C. (Taipei, Taiwan)
SL1000+ so great.

SL 1000+ is so great.
Bluetooth + app is very convenient, more lighter, very practical for ESK8 or EUC riding

Great hookup to get all the lights charged and ready. Good choice.

These make a difference with getting the lights all set. Good choice.


Pretty sweet light that paired to app nicely and gives me what I need. Nice ability to adjust on app and has a solid construction with a very strong beam. Very happy with the purchase.

Very Good! 👍🏾

They work “VERY WELL” thanks! 🤙🏾
- Turismo K G.T.L.
- I am O

SL-1000+ Bottom Tray Kit
P. (Los Angeles, United States)
Stripped screws

Love that they are providing replacement and upgradeable parts. However just had an issue with my swap. Had trouble taking out a few of the screws from original tray. Screws seemed to be glued in so ended up stripping them. Drilled through and used a wrench to unscrew it. Replaced it with new tray but wasn’t sitting flush so had to tighten more and ended up shearing the head off of one. Not sure if I just had a few bad screws but be careful when installing and removing original screws as it seemed mine were glued in. Might just be mine that had issues. Contacted customer and they were extremely helpful. Other than that the new lock works great and I also upgraded the new lens. Both were great upgrades for my sl-1000. Customer service always top notch.

We're sorry to hear that Peter and we're happy to get this replaced for you. It looks like we did not get an email from you about this, so feel free to reply directly to this.

Chris M. (El Monte, United States)
Greatest thing since lights for a skateboard!

Top shit

SL-300+ Headlights & SL-R1+ Brake Lights Skateboard Bundle
MITCHELL C. (New York, United States)
SL-300+ Headlights & SL-R1+ Brake Lights Skateboard Bundle

The lights are amazing n bright I love them honestly. Brightest lights I have ever own when comparing to other brands out there. The only reason y I gave it 4 stars is because I'm not able to use the Bluetooth option since the app always freezes on me so I just turn them on manually pressing the buttons on the actual light.

Sticky Mount
JAMES S. (Philadelphia, United States)

Sticky Mount

Sweet set up that helps with the light show. Very happy with the purchase.

Rohn H. (Orlando, United States)

I wasn't too concerned about seeing ahead of me as I was making sure I was seen by motorists. The SL checks that box and makes my board look cool and futuristic in the process. Highly recommend

Aeeesome…super bright and easy to setup and attach. Will be buying more for my other boards

SL-300 Headlights & SL-R1 Rear Lights Skateboard Bundle
Jason T. (San Diego, United States)
Great lights

These lights are durable and help make you more visible for night rides. Combined with the SL-1000 helmet light that gives great visibility, these lights are great for night rides. They're easy to use. We got a couple sets for two different boards. They were easy to mount on the Exway Flex Pro, but we're having trouble figuring out how to mount the rear lights under the Meepo Envy/NLS. We'd prefer to not mount them on the deck. However, if the lights work with the design of your board, they're great.

Said they were water resistant, took them out once and the backlights stopped working. Front ones are fine. Definitely don’t go when there’s almost any water on the ground. Other then that they worked great


Love the box it comes in ,the manual,stickers and the fact both come with charge cords.Light is excellent and very bright .Definitely worth the buy and a must have

Christopher B. (Las Vegas, United States)
I am satisfied but not overjoyed

Battery life poorer than expected, cleaning of the FX difficult (keeping in mind where they are anticipated to be placed). Adding the 1000+ to the FX group is not reliable. In fact the 1000+ does not work consistently with the app, I have chosen to operate it manually. The vendor offered a video chat to review operation but then I never heard back from them. These are certainly not the cheapest lights available and I expect more from a premium product. As the title says I am satisfied (I’ll make them work for me) but I’m not overjoyed (I wo t be bragging to friends about them)

MD (Gilbert, United States)
SL-1000 +

The bluetooth and new lens completes these lights in a big way.

Makes charging several items alot easier.

E.K. (Sunnyvale, United States)
An upgrade in every the plastic lens ring

The SL-1000+ is an upgrade in every way except one where it’s exceptionally worse. The threaded ring that holds the lens in is PLASTIC! one fall on my scooter and it’s already shattered, the old one is metal and took multiple falls no issue. I put the old one on the + and it works. If you get this you may want to buy the old ring while it’s still available. I hope shreadlights addresses this issues, I only want to buy durable products.

Otherwise the S-lock is much easier to take on and off, and it’s convenient to be able to fully adjust the different lighting modes. The lens also lights up the road much nicer, a cool even glow.

One last negative that I see in a ton of products nowadays so may be a USB protocol issue, the USB-C charging port does not accept USB-PD and does not fallback to standard, so most USB-C chargers will not charge it, you MUST use a USB-A charger and A to C cable. I gotta have a dumb C in addition to the fast ones. not really “one cable to rule them all” anymore, right?

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