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The SL-1000+ is a compact 1000 lumen smart light that provides plenty of light for the darkest of roads. Control it wirelessly via Bluetooth and sync multiple lights to the app and each other. Adjust brightness from 0-1000 lumens with 2 hours of battery life at full power and up to 36 hours in flashing modes. Stay visible with 3 flash modes and Group Sync, keeping all lights flashing in unison for added safety. Compatible with any S-LOCK mounts, the SL-1000+ is easy to install on any of your rides. Enjoy the convenience of auto on/off and never press a button again.

See Everything with 1000 lumens

Built to Last 1000+ Miles

Full Control at Your Fingertips

Controlling individual lights is a thing of the past. Now you can customize groups of 12 lights with a single touch. Download the Free ShredLights app now:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
D.H. (Brooklyn, United States)
Amazing these are

The SL 1000. I bought over a year ago probably more than that and I mounted it to my board and I can see at night so great. I have skateboarded since the early 80s. Never would I ride in the complete darkness until now. It is almost as strong as a car headlight. looking forward to try the Bluetooth function. Now, if the light hits the ground while traveling, it probably will come apart as most things will when you drop them while moving so make sure it’s strapped down good or clicked in the place, fun fact, one piece of gorilla tape lined on the mount made a snugger fit.

T.L. (Oxford, United States)
SL-1000+ Lens cap-downgrade

I “upgraded” from an SL1000 to the SL1000+. I have had it for only two months. I like the blue tooth functionality and the brightness HOWEVER it fell off my bike mount and the cap cracked when it hit the ground. I was going at a slow speed, and it fell at no more than 3.5 feet. I compared it to my old SL-1000 (I have had this for over two years without issues). Shredlight changed the lens cap from metal to plastic. Saving a couple cents at the sacrifice of product durability is a poor decision. Go with the SL1000 over the + or maybe Shredlight will make a product improvement back to the metal cap.

Thanks for the honest review, we apologize for these issues. We're happy to send 2 of the metal lens caps to you. Simply reply to this and we'll get those sent on the way to you.

A (Phoenix, United States)
Makes night floating safer

It's a night riding upgrade, for sure. I can see holes and debris up ahead (like 💩) far sooner than I could with stock headlights or even my halo pad equipped with 65k COB LEDs

Stéphane D. (Mercier, Canada)
Un de mes meilleur upgrade

Vraiment malade la différence! Tu voit tout

John T. (Denver, United States)
Slfx are the most convenient underglows you can get

Best undergrowth, I own 5 others plus another on the way, have them on all my pevs!!!

Pai H.C. (Taipei, Taiwan)
SL1000+ so great.

SL 1000+ is so great.
Bluetooth + app is very convenient, more lighter, very practical for ESK8 or EUC riding

Christopher B. (Las Vegas, United States)
I am satisfied but not overjoyed

Battery life poorer than expected, cleaning of the FX difficult (keeping in mind where they are anticipated to be placed). Adding the 1000+ to the FX group is not reliable. In fact the 1000+ does not work consistently with the app, I have chosen to operate it manually. The vendor offered a video chat to review operation but then I never heard back from them. These are certainly not the cheapest lights available and I expect more from a premium product. As the title says I am satisfied (I’ll make them work for me) but I’m not overjoyed (I wo t be bragging to friends about them)

MD (Gilbert, United States)
SL-1000 +

The bluetooth and new lens completes these lights in a big way.

E.K. (Sunnyvale, United States)
An upgrade in every the plastic lens ring

The SL-1000+ is an upgrade in every way except one where it’s exceptionally worse. The threaded ring that holds the lens in is PLASTIC! one fall on my scooter and it’s already shattered, the old one is metal and took multiple falls no issue. I put the old one on the + and it works. If you get this you may want to buy the old ring while it’s still available. I hope shreadlights addresses this issues, I only want to buy durable products.

Otherwise the S-lock is much easier to take on and off, and it’s convenient to be able to fully adjust the different lighting modes. The lens also lights up the road much nicer, a cool even glow.

One last negative that I see in a ton of products nowadays so may be a USB protocol issue, the USB-C charging port does not accept USB-PD and does not fallback to standard, so most USB-C chargers will not charge it, you MUST use a USB-A charger and A to C cable. I gotta have a dumb C in addition to the fast ones. not really “one cable to rule them all” anymore, right?

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