Full Wireless control, Brake Mode, and More

Beta testing is complete and our newest lights are ready to elevate your night rides.

Night Rides Will Never Be the Same

Full wireless Control

Pair up to 12 lights to the ShredLights app. Customize light modes and control groups with a single touch.

Active Brake Mode

Activate brake mode on the SL-R1+ to automatically let others know that you're slowing down.*

Auto on/off

If one button is still too many, turn on your lights with motion.

Group Sync

Maximize your visibility on the road with synchronized flashing patterns across lights.

How it Works

The SL-R1+ must be parallel to the ground with the lens pointing opposite to the direction of movement (backwards) in order to detect the correct braking direction. When you slow down rapidly, the SL-R1+ changes from the current light mode to solid mode at full brightness for 2 seconds (or longer depending on how fast you are moving) then returns to the current light mode.


  1. If the SL-R1+ is not parallel to the ground it may not provide accurate braking detection.
  2. Riding uphill or downhill may cause false-positive brake detection or missed brake detection.
  3. Vibration of the light may cause false-positive brake detection or missed brake detection.

The ShredLights app is coming to Android in August 2023 and all SL-300+/R1+ will be compatible when it is released.

No, the new lights will be an addition to our lineup and we will continue selling the SL-300/R1 at the current prices.

No, there is not a trade-in program at this time. If you purchased within the past 30 days, you can email us at to return your lights for a full refund.

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