"Awesome addition!"

"Been riding for over 2 years and loved going on night rides, but I could only ride near street lights, or come back after sunset. ShredLights make it possible to ride safely at night and also in style. I’ve gotten several positive comments from strangers! These are a must buy if you want to experience electric skateboarding fully!" - Spencer G.

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Skateboard Combo Pack
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SL-1000 Helmet Single Pack
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Skateboard Night Ops PackSkateboard Night Ops Pack
Skateboard Night Ops Pack
Sale priceFrom $194.99 Regular price$222.96
Onewheel Combo Pack
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Skateboard Headlights
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Bike Combo Pack
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Skateboard Mounts
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Sticky Mount
Sale price$7.99
Bar Mount
Sale price$7.99
USB-C Quad Cable
Sale price$9.99
SL-1000 Backpack Single Pack
Sale price$84.99
SL-300 Helmet Single Pack
Sale price$42.99


Be seen in any conditions

The SL-300 & SL-R1 offer high visibilty day or night in a compact and versatile form factor. Focused lens optics maximize the lumen range so you can ride with confidence knowing you are seen by drivers.

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