Lighting Up Your Electric Skateboard and Longboard - Safety can be Stylish

Lighting Up Your Electric Skateboard and Longboard - Safety can be Stylish

Safety is a key consideration for all the top brands of electric skateboards, even when speed, range, and comfort are given the most attention. However, even the best skateboards do not come with LED lights, and we think it's a travesty!

A set of LEDs for your board can be attached using a variety of mounts at the back and front. Also, they don't cost very much and allow you to use your electric skateboard at night. If you live north of the equator and want to be able to board in winter – then lights are essential. They help you see and be seen… and if you choose the right type of light (the SL-200 LED lights) for Boosted Boards, Evolve Skateboard, Teamgee, Blitzart – or any other big brand in electric skateboard – you can be seen from up to 2,000 feet away.

You don't get much more attention to night-time safety than that. 

How Do You Attach Head and Taillights to an Electric Skateboard?

It's extremely easy. The lights feature a non-slip clip attachment which you fasten to a mount that has been attached to the front or back truck. To add the lights, you simply slide them on correctly on the mount. The clip will secure each one in place. To remove the lights, gently open up the clip and slide it out. This ease of attachment means you can use the same lights on different boards. 

With the right tools, you can easily install a mount on your front or rear truck. The lights are lightweight enough to ensure you retain the same level of stability as without. Because skateboard designs can differ, you may be concerned about whether there is enough space to accommodate this accessory. We recommend using our fit guide to identify the most suitable mounts for your choice of board. 

Our standard mounts do fit on the front trucks of all brands. This may vary when it comes to the rear or if you desire additional lights. There is no need to make any amendments to your board when installing them. Identify the right design of mount that will work around it. 

Generally speaking, you will want an LED headlight for your skateboard because LCDs tend to be a little less powerful. An LED light works by illuminating small surfaces using an electrical current, which beams out up exponentially for a solid, reliable glow. Light Emitting Diode (or LED) headlights for a skateboard will produce a whopping 200 lumens of light. 


Buying Headlights for Boosted Boards 

You can get both headlights and taillights for Boosted Boards through ShredLights. We offer a universal product that fits most types of electric skateboards. As the name suggests, Boosted skateboards can pack quite the punch when it comes to power. Their impressive acceleration and speed mean that being visible should be key to safety. 

With our white LED headlights for Boosted boards, there is excellent visibility to ensure the road ahead is safe to ride over. The sharp red taillights of Boosted boards also ensure others can see the skateboarder even when not facing them. 

If you are concerned about whether or not a Skateboard light will fit, you can check out our handy fit guide here. We offer a variety of mounts that can accommodate any skateboard design. The Standard and Standard+ mounts can be installed for use with our headlights for Boosted boards. 


Making The Right Choice of Lights for Evolve Skateboards

The standard skateboard mounts provided in our packs are suitable for use on Evolve boards. One size fits all – and should fit your board, too. 

Evolve is not just popular for its speed and customization. The brand is also highly recognized for off-road capability. When you have boards like the Carbon and Bamboo GT that can tackle tougher terrain, you will also want lights that can keep up. 

Our headlights and taillights for Evolve skateboards make for the ideal choice thanks to their robust and water-resistant design. The brightness of the SL-200 LED lights is also of great benefit under these conditions as they make the road ahead more clearly visible. They also make the skateboarder more visible to others, as far as 2,000 feet away. 


Ordering Headlights for Teamgee Skateboards

Although admired for their minimalist and lightweight designs, Teamgee skateboards often have lower and concave decks. This may be of concern to skateboarders looking to install lights for their boards.

Thankfully, ShredLights offer a variety of mounts that can work with just about any design, including drop-through decks. The Skateboard Night Ops Pack offers excellent versatility in a choice that allows you to mount board lights, headlights, and tail lights for Teamgee skateboards, above and below the deck.

Just as with the LED lights for other brands, the taillights for Teamgee electric skateboards will be red, while the headlights will be white. This is as per biking rules and ensures you aren't distracting road users with multicolored lights. 

What Are the Best Lights for Blitzart Skateboards?

The impressive range of this affordable brand of skateboards calls for lights that are also long-lasting. With a 150-hour battery life, our SL-200 LED lights make for the perfect complement of lights for Blitzart skateboards. Our LED headlights for Blitzart electric skateboards are quite easy to apply. In fact, if you buy your premium quality light packs through ShredLights you will be provided with everything you need to operate them.

Even with additional features like shock-absorbing designs you would not expect at this price point, we do offer mounts that can work around this to ensure you enjoy excellent visibility under low light conditions. Our angled and extended skateboard mounts even allow for the lights to be positioned above the rear truck. 

So whether you value the speed of the Evolve GTX, or simple design of the Teamgee H5 Blade Cruiser most, you can agree that lights make skateboarding safer. You get to see the ground around you better and ensure that you are visible to others too. 

At ShredLights, we offer the best lights for any brand of skateboard, with all types of mounts to accommodate any board design. Our rechargeable SL-200 LED lights to provide an impressive 150-hour battery life, ease of attachment, and product longevity. No other product on the market compares. 

Browse our pages yourself to discover the quality array of skateboard lights and accessories we offer. Be sure to check out the most consistently amazing consumer reviews out there.

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