LED Bike Helmet Lights - Easy Mounting - Attach to Helmet

LED Bike Helmet Lights - Easy Mounting - Attach to Helmet

Owning the best helmet light for biking at night isn’t about looking good – it’s about being safe. Without a doubt, LED bicycle helmet lights give you optimum performance out on the road, keeping you safe when it matters most. 

Any cyclist would know that visibility is essential. Wearing reflective clothing, having lights on your bike, and staying in well-lit areas are all basics of riding after dark. But, depending on where you live, you may not have access to a well-lit area. This is when having a light on your helmet is crucial for illuminating your way and keeping you safe. LED lights are by far the best option for bike helmets, and have become the go-to for any cyclist.

How to Find the Best LED Light for Your Bike Helmet? 

First of all, let’s talk about semantics. When we talk about ‘bike lights’, we are actually referring to safety helmets for a range of sports. Many people are looking for the best in skateboard helmet lights, need something for longboarding at night, or are lucky enough to own an electric skateboard. The need to add a light to your helmet is universal, no matter the sport. 

When looking for the best helmet light for biking at night, we have a choice in two main types. You can have an LED light or an LCD light. Let’s look at each of these in more detail and discuss what they are, and what the differences between them might be. Arguably, your pick in bright bike helmet lights might come down to a simple matter of personal tastes.

Just for the record though…If you’re looking for the best in bike helmet safety features, then you need a SL-200… the Led light that lets you see and be seen, from as far away as 2,000 feet. But, you know, LCD lights are fine, too.

LED helmet lights are incredibly beneficial for cyclists. Whether it is a late-night ride, or a sudden storm rolling in and darkening the skies, having a helmet light will allow you to light your path and keep you safely moving forward.

Bicycle Helmet Light Features


Lumens are the unit of measurement used to define how bright a light is. The smaller the number of lumens, the dimmer the light will be. Our 200-lumen lights allow you to be seen from 2,000 feet away, and see up to 30 feet away! 

Battery Power

It is essential to decide whether you want to use a light that runs on individual use batteries, or if you want to use a rechargeable option. Rechargeable batteries can often use USB cords, making it easier to charge all your electronics correspondingly. At ShredLights, our lights last up to 150 hours and are easily recharged through a micro-USB cord. 

LED Vs LCD Bike Helmet Lights – What’s the Difference?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and we bet that makes things as clear as mud. A Diode is a sort of conductive material that lights up when you pass a current through it. Place lots of these together and make them tiny, and you come up with LED screens. We like to restrict things to LED bicycle helmet lights, though.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, which sounds quite a lot more impressive but isn’t in actuality. LCD screens use fluorescent lights to create the same effect. This technology isn’t faulty, it’s just older. Led lights tend to produce thinner screens, are more energy efficient, and carry bulbs that are likely to last longer in terms of durability and shelf life.

So when we advise you that your skateboard helmet light or your bicycle helmet lights really ought to be LED – you should trust the science. An LED will always outshine (excuse the pun) and LCD as the best helmet-mount bike light. It will also do it for longer, at less cost to yourself, and with minimal maintenance.

Different Types of Bicycle Helmet Mounts for Light

There are three main ways to mount an LED light to your bike helmet. The first and most popular option is Velcro, like these sticky mounts. This option is both easy to install on your helmet, and easy to remove if you change helmets.

Another popular option is a plastic mount that allows you to change the angle of the light as you need to. Action mounts are ideal for those who use the same helmet for casual riding and other sports. You can also attach the light to your helmet with an adhesive mount, but these are not as popular.


How to Mount a LED Light to your Bike Helmet?

So – once you have purchased a set of high quality LED bicycle helmet lights – how do you go about attaching them to your bike or longboard helmet? It’s so easy you won’t believe it. In fact, if the potential complexity of attaching the lights to your helmet has been putting you off, then you will kick yourself at how simple it is.

Each bike helmet light comes in three parts. You will receive the ergonomically designed secure sleeve, the high performance, enhanced Led light, and you will also have a charging wire for ease of charging.

Attach the Best Helmet Mount Bike Light in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 – attach the secure sleeve to your helmet. It slides on by way of a padded clip. The padding stops any damage to your helmet. 

Step 2 – the premium quality light now slides into the clip. The fastening works in the same way that you might slide a camera onto a tripod stand. 

Step 3 – turn on your new LED bicycle helmet lights and start riding safer at night.

When you need to recharge your bike helmet light, you simply slide it off your helmet and charge it. It is fully rechargeable via a USB socket and uses a similarly shaped charging port to most Android phones.

So you see, it really is as simple as a three-step, clip-on process to get the best cordless economy helmet lights on your own hard hat. 

Helmet Lights for Biking at Night: Battery Life

Next, we want to take a moment to consider battery life. When you have a SL-200 light (like these, from Shred Lights), they come with a 3 x bigger battery than you would normally get. The battery life on these is pretty impressive, bringing 200 lumens per light, for up to 150 hours of ride time. 

So if you worked seven days a week, cycled home every day on an hour-long journey and used your lights every night – these would last you about 6 months. Don’t forget that when they do run out, you can just plug them into your laptop and recharge. That’s excellent quality for the price you pay.


LED Lights for Backpacks, Skateboards and More!

Arguably the best thing about a good bike helmet LED light is that you can use it for backpacks, too. This is ideal for students or tech workers that need to carry things around late into the night. It even works for the mobile emergency plumber, locksmith, or likes. They operate to the same strength, and clip-on in the same way, as the bike helmet lights do.

Alternatively, you can attach lights to the bottom of your skateboard. Whether it is an electric skateboard or just a good, old-fashioned one – lights will make you the star of the skate park. OK, we know it’s a safety feature… but it just looks so darned cool your friends will soon copy your style. Check out these Skateboard attaching lights for inspiration. They go underneath at the trucks, so they won’t cramp your style.

Rounding Up (and finding the right cordless economy helmet light for you!)

It’s not an easy choice to make regarding what lights to put where. The choice is made harder by the premium quality of the products offered. One thing is constant in all of this, and that’s brand. If you want the best cordless economy helmet lights on the market, you shop Shred Lights. It is no more complicated than that.

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