LED Lights for Meepo Board - Headlights and Taillights for Electric Skateboards

LED Lights for Meepo Board - Headlights and Taillights for Electric Skateboards

The Best Lights for Meepo Electric Skateboards

Affordable, stylish, and high performance would be the best words to describe Meepo electric skateboards. A more recent entrant into the eskate world, the brand has quickly managed to build a stellar reputation. Their range of longboards has proven incredibly popular, especially with newbies to the hobby. 

Going electric has made skateboarding more than just a fun activity. It is now also very practical and cost-efficient. Particularly for those that live in cities and on campuses, these boards have become a viable alternative form of transportation that is quick and eco-friendly. 

While an excellent alternative to more tiresome, costly, and polluting options like cars and trains, skateboarding can be somewhat dangerous. If you get into an accident, there is a good chance that your body will be the one to absorb the impact. Skaters must take great care in how they operate their boards and always use protective gear.

Lights for Meepo electric skateboards are an important aspect of skater safety. There are numerous times when skaters get hurt because drivers and others fail to notice them in time. Especially in low light conditions such as nighttime, in foggy weather, and when raining. 

With bright and/or flashing headlights and taillights for Meepo electric skateboards, skaters can ensure they are clearly visible no matter the circumstance. 

Why Choose a Meepo Electric Skateboard?

As said, Meepo boards are quite affordable. With many running a few hundred dollars, they are at a price point most newcomers to electric skateboarding welcome. The company is the brainchild of a mechanical engineer with a passion for skateboarding. It is, therefore, no surprise that the boards tend to be very powerful on their highest setting. 

With top speeds of about 28 mph and a range of about 20 miles, it is a commendable option for daily commutes. The large-sized wheels do a good job of helping skaters feel stable during the journey. This is a quality sorely needed for those Meepo models that possess a convex rather than a concave-shaped deck. It is also a good feature for when skating at night and there is a need to feel more steady. When combined with the SL-200 lights from ShredLights, you should have no worries. 

The deck of newer models like the Meepo NLS offers good flex that makes for better shock absorption. A comfortable ride and cost-effectiveness make this vehicle a great choice for those looking for better work or school commute. 

Perhaps it is the ability to bring high-quality parts and performance to the market at an affordable price that has been the reason behind the success of the Meepo brand. And these particular qualities are also shared with their counterpart ShredLights. Their bright LED lights for Meepo electric skateboards are also quite reasonably priced and versatile. With both brands, skaters get to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Choosing Lights for Your Meepo Skateboard?

Meepo electric skateboard lights from ShredLights offer good visibility while on the go. While riding, the headlights for Meepo skateboards ensure skaters can easily see as far as 30 feet ahead. The taillights, on the other hand, come in a recognizable red shade that all motorized vehicles cast. Lighting capability is an important consideration as it is what makes a skater visible to other road users. The headlights also help to ensure that the skater can see the road ahead when riding in the dark.

With the standard combo pack, skaters have access to multiple pairs of mounts, including a standard option that should work well for any Meepo electric skateboard. If using another brand of board, you can use this handy fit guide to discover the most suitable type of mounts to select when ordering. Different options when it comes to mounting is good for adapting your SL-200 lights to whatever design of board. It can also match your preference as some skaters may prefer their taillights on top of drop through style trucks.  

In addition to board mounted lights, ShredLights can also be mounted on helmets. The lights cast light even further when mounted on helmets with packs like the Helmet Single Pack. For the ultimate night riding experience, the Night Ops Pack offers lights for your skateboard, helmet, and backpack to provide the most visibility for seeing and being seen while riding on the road at night.

In November 2020, ShredLights released the SL-1000, the smallest 1000 lumen mountable light ever made. It's small size makes it the only 1000 lumen light that can be mounted on skateboards. If you're looking for the most light output to see where you are riding, then the SL-1000 is a great option for you.

When any ShredLights are mounted, the S-lock mounting system securely holds them in place. The shock-resistant shell ensures that the lights can withstand even the toughest conditions. This robust build is important when choosing lights because of positioning. With standard mounting, the lights are below the truck. This is quite close to the ground meaning having to cope with all kinds of scrapes, debris, dust, and even water.

SL-200 are waterproof lights for Meepo skateboards. They feature an IP65 water-resistant design with a coverable USB slot that is easily accessible for charging while on or off the board. Whether you live in an urban or rural setting, there will certainly be times when conditions will be wet and you will need lights that can continue to serve you. If you are forced to skateboard in the rain, this is another low light condition that will require the use of lights to ensure drivers can see you. If cars utilize fog lights, then a person will certainly need something more extra.

Why ShredLights Are the Right Investment

With all the features mentioned concerning the SL-200 lights, it is obvious that they are an ideal pairing with Meepo electric skateboards. Just like Meepo, ShredLights are considered great value for money. Their durable design and reliable lighting capability mean you can look forward to many years of service. It also means that you can keep swapping out the lights between boards without worrying that the frequent changes will cause the product to deteriorate.

And much like Meepo, ShredLights provides customers with access to all parts that make up their kits. From loaded hardware to charging cables, clients can buy individual parts rather than combo packs. For many skaters that modify their boards, this is a great cost-saving benefit.

There is also added versatility in the way these mountable lights can be used. While primarily designed to aid skaters riding in the dark, they can also be clipped on to onewheels, backpacks, and helmets. Having a light that is situated at a higher level can make a skater even more visible. You can order separate additional parts to add this to your protective gear when night riding.

ShredLights have enjoyed consistently positive reviews from clients that have made use of the SL-200 lights for Meepo and many other top skateboard brands. To discover more about our range of products and place orders, click here.

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