LED Headlights and Taillights for Evolve Electric Skateboards

LED Headlights and Taillights for Evolve Electric Skateboards

One of the best ways skateboarding has evolved is through the innovation of electric boards. Now a more commonplace sight on city streets, these boards enable skaters to travel more easily. The motorized force means less need to keep pushing forward. Skaters can now cover greater distances at higher speeds and with less physical effort. 

Evolve electric skateboards are prized for their superior speed and versatility. Their off-road capability is also quite impressive, alongside the customization options skaters are offered. With high-end components and bespoke designs, this brand caters to enthusiasts looking to take on greater risks and willing to make the necessary investment.

For many that take up the challenge of going skateboarding away from skate parks, safety becomes a key consideration. Whether it is a city sidewalk or hillside slope, the surfaces are far less predictable, with the added trial of other vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians to have to avoid. 

The task gets harder when night falls. Worsened visibility can often lead to falls and collisions. To help limit this problem, many skaters adopt the use of lights. (LED) Headlights for Evolve electric skateboards are important for being able to see the road ahead. In rough and shaded terrain you will certainly want to see whatever rocks, depressions, or other obstructions there are to avoid spills. 

(LED) Taillights for Evolve boards are also a good way to ensure vehicles know you are there in the dark. The red coloring matches what you would get with other motorized vehicles, ensuring they realize the skater ahead. 

The Importance of Lights for Skateboards

As already mentioned, lights for Evolve boards are all about safety. Skateboarding can be fun and practical, but skaters often end up in accidents. More so when they are beginners. Suddenly happening upon an obstruction or braking without sufficient warning in front of another vehicle are just some of the common scenarios that have led to serious injury. 

Having lights ensures skaters can enjoy improved visibility. The SL-200 lights for Evolve electric skateboards provide excellent visibility with 200 lumens. LED lighting is much sharper than LCD options, helping to improve clarity. 

Even for those that do not skate at night, low light conditions can often occur even during the daytime. Dark clouds, fog, and rainy weather can often compromise visibility, making it difficult for drivers to be sure of who or what is ahead and around them. 

Taillights for Evolve electric skateboards come in an easily recognizable and noticeable red coloring. When enhanced with flashing capabilities, the skater and his board become more easily seen and less likely to suffer a collision. 

With the lights installed, skaters can be more at ease when on the road. The bright LED lights for Evolve are always powerful and long-lasting. ShredLights offer these and more benefits that make them the ideal match for the Evolve brand. 

Why Evolve Electric Skateboards Stand Out

The all-terrain electric skateboards by Evolve come with larger wheels with enhanced tread and height. They are an awesome option for those looking to test their skills off-road. They grip surfaces better, have great stability, and offer better clearance over objects like rocks. The ability to change gears and wheels to suit whatever terrain is also appreciable. 

Versatility has been an important aspect of Evolve designs and the reason the brand has flourished. These perks, however, tend to come at a premium. From their Stoke shortboard to the Bamboo and Carbon GTR series, the prices on their products are on the higher end. The stellar reviews from industry experts and skateboarding enthusiasts, however, suggest that the price is worthwhile. 

This excellent value for money is a quality the brand shares with ShredLights. Though more affordable, the SL-200 mountable (LED) lights for Evolve can be adapted to whatever design of board thanks to the different styles of mounts they can be securely clipped on to. Also highly durable, the lights can cope well with rugged terrain thanks to solid construction, water-resistant sealing, and shock-resistant shell. 

This means that however harsh the treatment your board will have to endure, your lights will keep up. They qualify to be known as waterproof (LED) lights for Evolve thanks to their IP65 water resistance rating. 

Even for smoother riding on city streets and skate parks, lights are always necessary. It is here that skaters will encounter more vehicles along the roads. So as you muse on which Evolve board to add to your collection, be sure to pair this purchase with ShredLights. 

Merging Evolve with ShredLights

Just as with skateboards, there are several options in the market for skaters that understand the need for lights. ShredLights SL-200 are the best lights for Evolve electric skateboards. You do not need to take our word for it. Just check their official website and see what accessories they offer. 

Besides offering an array of mounting options to suit whatever design of board, these lights offer plenty of allowance for time. With 150 hours of battery life, you can be sure that even a maximum range of 31 miles can easily be accommodated. 

If you have multiple boards, the easy clip-on design of the lights means you do not need to buy a set for each board. Simply install the mounts as designed and swap out the lights for the board you intend to use. This takes just seconds to accomplish. 

The powerful Evolve lights for electric skateboards provide visibility of up to 30 feet and can be spotted as far away as 2,000 feet. Whether it is nighttime riding or a jaunt into the woods, you will not have to worry about seeing or being seen. 

Having been in the market since 2014, ShredLights have proven over the years the robustness of their designs. They are an ideal complement to Evolve in whatever weather conditions. Their small lightweight design also ensures there is minimal impact on movement and control of the board by the skater. Weighing in at just 50g, you will hardly notice a difference after installation. 

To discover more about the combo deals that ShredLights offers and the wide range of skateboarding accessories we offer, click here. Make this small investment today that will enhance your safety as you enjoy the pleasures of skateboarding. 

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