Best Boosted Beams Alternative - LED Lights for Boosted Boards

Best Boosted Beams Alternative - LED Lights for Boosted Boards

For many people, skateboarding is an affordable and quick means of getting around. The convenience of being able to zip past traffic in gridlock and then pick up your vehicle, rather than have to look for safe parking, cannot be underrated. 

With electric boards, the benefits further multiply. Besides being eco-friendly, these boards achieve faster speeds and make what can often be a physically challenging exercise effortless. That means you can arrive at work or class without being a sweaty mess. 

Boosted boards have been amongst the most popular brand of electric boards in the market over the last decade. Though the company only recently went defunct, their boards can still be seen shredding the streets and skate parks. With many of their patents now bought up by other companies, we can expect to continue seeing their designs, albeit likely under different brand names. 

Riding these motorized boards should be an enjoyable experience, but does come with its own risks. All forms of skateboarding leave skaters exposed to dangers all around. Those in cars at least have layers of metal and plastic around them to absorb some of the impacts in case of a collision. Skaters, on the other hand, have no such protection.  

To limit the risk of injuries, all skaters should invest well in protective gear. To however reduce the risk of collision, lights for boosted boards should be mandatory. This is where ShredLights comes in. Our SL-200 lights are an ideal match for all Boosted boards, ensuring skaters remain visible to other drivers and pedestrians around them. The enhanced visibility of the road ahead also helps make for a safer ride. Let’s delve a little deeper into how else these mountable (LED) lights for Boosted boards can be of benefit. 

Why Lighting While Shredding Matters

Boosted boards are renowned for being lightweight and high performance. They have done much to promote the idea that skateboarding is a simple and fun form of transportation. However, with great speed, there should also be great responsibility… towards safety. 

The (LED) Headlights for Boosted boards are great for ensuring you catch sight of any potholes or other obstructions well before you come upon them. With powerful beams that provide visibility of up to 30 feet ahead, you can be assured of safer maneuverability, especially when skating at night. 

(LED) Taillights for Boosted boards, meanwhile, make you visible to other road users and pedestrians under similar low light conditions. With flashing settings, you can also use these lights during the daytime or to further boost your visibility at night. 

To see is just as important as being seen when on the road. Keep in mind that most collisions are due to drivers not having seen skaters. Making it your business to appear visible is in your best interest. 

Boosted Beams

Having been built on innovation it comes as no surprise that Boosted did develop lights for their boards dubbed Boosted Beams. Fully integrated and durable, the lights offered excellent visibility with 600 lumens for headlights. Integration meant that skaters could charge their board and lights at the same time. However, one challenge with these Boosted lights is that they were purpose-built specifically for the brand. 

Many skaters make use of different skateboards that feature varied designs. This makes the more versatile bright (LED) lights for Boosted boards from ShredLights a better choice for many riders. The different mounting options make them adaptable, whatever type of board you have. You do not even have to buy multiple sets. You simply opt for a combo pack with multiple types of mounts, install them, and you can start swapping out the ShredLights between the boards in use. 

To help make a more informed buying decision, we recommend making use of this fit guide to help identify the most suitable mount options for your selection of skateboards. 

The Installation Process

One of the key benefits of the SL-200 lights for boosted boards is their versatility. As mentioned, they can be mounted in a variety of ways that make them suitable for use on just about any brand of skateboard the market.

To ensure the best lights for Boosted boards, we recommend the use of standard and angle mounts. The mounts are easy to install on both the front and rear trucks of a board with the right tools. Once you have installed the desired mounts, the lights simply need to be slid on. 

The non-slip clip attachment on the light will firmly hold the device in place when loaded into the mount. You will not need to worry about the lights falling off as the clips have been rigorously tested and found capable of enduring even strong vibrations. 

The ShredLights Advantage

While Boosted may have focused on making simple but fast skateboards, ShredLights has been devoted to enhancing safety for skaters, no matter the brand. Making a versatile product that can be used with any type of skateboard has been key in ensuring that SL-200 lights offer the best value for money. 

Even with combo packs that offer multiple mounting options, these lights can also be used on helmets and backpacks to make a skater more visible from a higher vantage point. Their durable compact design and waterproof capability further help in ensuring skaters can keep going even when conditions get wetter or if they go off-road. With waterproof (LED) lights for Boosted boards, even darkening weather conditions should not stop you from riding. 

With 150 hours of battery life, you can expect to be able to keep using your ShredLights for many days. An easily accessible USB port allows users to comfortably charge the battery whenever needed, on or off the board. 

The powerful Boosted Beams have been a great option for the brand’s electric skateboards. However, their discontinued production means that they are no longer an option for now. This coupled with their lack of versatility means you get more bang for your buck by going for the alternative of the SL-200.

Taking safety precautions is a must for skaters. It can often mean the difference between life and death. With the SL-200 lights for Boosted boards, skaters can keep enjoying their time shredding, knowing others can clearly see them and they can keep the road ahead lit. 

To discover more about our product range, visit our website. All our products are well-detailed and come with authentic customer reviews that will give you a good idea of the quality of our product and customer care. 

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