SL-200 Shipping Schedule

SL-200 Shipping Schedule from June 25th

  • Week 1: Finish assembly and quality control testing
  • Week 2: Packaging & shipping to ShredLights HQ
  • Week 3: Begin shipping pre-orders from ShredLights HQ
  • Week 4: Complete shipping all pre-orders

Good news! We are on track to begin shipping pre-orders for the SL-200 ShredLights in mid-July and finish shipping by the third week of July. Once your order is shipped, delivery time for orders within the United States using USPS is 2-5 business days. Standard delivery time for international orders using USPS is 3-14 business days, allowing for up to 21 days in some cases. Standard delivery time for international orders using DHL Express is 2-5 business days. Packages will ship in the order they were purchased, so those who bought earliest will ship earliest.

We will be emailing all SL-200 customers to confirm their shipping address as we get closer to shipping. If the shipping address is correct, you do not need to reply to the email. If an edit needs to be made, reply with the updated address as soon as possible. When verifying an address, please ensure it is a safe location for packages to be dropped off. If you have had packages stolen from that shipping address before, please consider shipping to an alternate address. 

SL-200 Packaging Preview

We have taken our time to create the finest packaging we could, while using only recyclable paper materials. Check out some pictures of our packaging below, and get a sneak peek of what your ShredLights order will look like!

We are working hard to get the latest and greatest SL-200 ShredLights in your hands, so we appreciate your patience as we do so. Can't contain your excitement? Let us know which new feature you are looking forward to most in the comments below!

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