Bar Mount - Add Lights to Your Bike, Scooter, or Mountainboard

Looking to Add Lights to Your Bicycle, Scooter, or Mountainboard?

Although ShredLights were invented for skateboards, the bar mount allows you to use the same lights on any of your bikes, scooters, mountainboards and more. Check out this short video to see how to install the bar mount and how it can be used. 



Bar Mount Installation Guide

In every package comes three components; 1) glass-filled nylon plastic component, 2) Curved rubber strap and 3) Angled rubber strap.

The curved rubber strap inside is going to work on any round bars such as bikes and scooters between 10 millimeters and 40 millimeters in diameter.

The angled rubber strap is going to work on mountain board style trucks such as the Kaly.NYC and Trampa board trucks. It's going to perfectly fit the contour, so the light is level and aiming straightforward while they're on your trucks.

Assembling the Bar Mount

Now the bar mount is assembled and you're ready to install ShredLights. In a matter of seconds, you're able to switch from any round bar to any square bar again, between 10 millimeters and 40 millimeters in size.

Thanks for checking out the Bar Mount product guide! We're always looking at new mounts to make, so let us know we should make next by either emailing us at or by messaging us on social media. 

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