The Most Versatile ShredLights Mounts

The Most Versatile ShredLights Mounts

The Sticky Mounts are nearly a year old and we've seen some amazing uses among the riding community. This blog will explain the differences between the 4 variations of sticky mounts that we offer, and where each one is most effective.

The Sticky Mounts are nearly a year old and we've seen some amazing uses among the riding community. This blog will explain the differences between the 4 variations of sticky mounts that we offer, and where each one is most effective.

The Sticky Mounts are made from industrial strength glass-filled nylon and include our patented S-LOCK quick release mounting system. We offer two shapes, curved or flat depending where you want to place the mounts. Then, we offer two options for adhesive to attach the mounts; VHB Tape and Dual Lock Velcro.

Helmet Mounts

The Curved Sticky Mount is perfect for adding ShredLights to your helmet. Mounting them on the side is a popular option for keeping a low profile look, and you can double up with a light on each side. The side buttons of the SL-200 are always within reach so you can easily adjust the brightness and light modes, or avoid blinding a fellow rider. The side mount option is also best for full face helmets with a visor, such as the TSG Pass so you can still open and close the visor without removing the lights. The curved mount can also be used on top in the middle of your helmet if you prefer to have your light mounted there.

For helmets, we prefer using the Dual Lock Velcro adhesive because it offers the most flexibility. With one mount on each side of the helmet, you can quickly change from two front facing lights to cast more light in front, to using one front facing light and one rear facing light to be seen from both directions. You can also adjust the angle of the mount to change how far or near the light will shine. Lastly, Dual Lock Velcro is great because you can remove the sticky mount entirely when the lights are not in use to keep your helmet as low profile as possible.

If you want to keep the mount attached and only have to install the light each time, then VHB tape is the way to go. This will handle the most vibration and offer a super durable hold. If you ever decide to remove the mount, VHB tape can be completely scraped off without leaving any residue so your helmet will look just as it did before you installed the mount.

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Fender Mounts

The Curved Sticky Mount is great for adding lights to the fenders of your bike, Onewheel, or scooter. Both VHB Tape and Dual Lock Velcro can work great and it really depends how much flexibility you are looking for. For fenders, we prefer the VHB tape because we often leave the lights attached at all times for increasing visibility on night or day rides. However, if you have multiple fenders that you want to switch the sticky mounts in between, then the Dual Lock Velcro will allow you to quickly change the mounts in between different fenders.

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Skateboard Deck Mounts

The Flat Sticky Mounts can add a creative touch to your night rides by casting an under glow effect underneath your skateboard. For boards such as the Evolve GTR where the rear skateboard mounts must be installed on top of the deck, we've seen a lot of riders utilize the sticky mounts instead to keep all of the lights mounted underneath the deck. You'll just need 3 inches x 1 inch of flat space to place the mount and we recommend cleaning the surface before installing the mount. Since skateboards vibrate a lot while riding, VHB Tape is the best adhesive for mounting underneath your board to provide the most durable hold.

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Onewheel Mounts

One of the most popular uses of the Flat Sticky Mounts is on the Onewheel Pint & XR. There are several places to install the Flat Sticky Mounts on both models of the Onewheel, which we'll cover more in depth in an upcoming blog post and video.

Placing the mounts on the side rails will provide the most light output, but also leaves the light exposed to getting damaged in the event of a crash where the Onewheel rolls over. If you prefer to mount them on the side rails, we recommend removing the lights when they are not in use to help prevent damage.

Placing the mounts underneath the side rail or footpad will sacrifice some light output (~10%) but will provide the best protection to prevent damaging your lights.

If you ride with a fender, placing the Curved Sticky Mounts there will provide a great balance between light output and protection. We recommend placing the mount on either outside edge so it shines over your front foot. In the event of a rollover, the lights may still get damaged so we recommend removing the lights when they are not in use.

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Scooter Mounts

While many scooters come with included lights, the Flat Sticky Mounts are a great way to increase your visibility from the rear by adding the red SL-200 to the deck of the scooter. You'll need 3 inches x 1 inch of space to install the mounts and the red light will shine 10-15 feet behind your scooter. If your scooter includes a rear fender, you can use the Curved Sticky Mount to add a rear light here.

For both of these options, we recommend using VHB tape for the most durable hold through riding vibration.

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Drone Mounts

The Sticky Mounts are compatible with some drones (Mavic Air, Mavic air 2, and Mavic pro) to take your night flights to the next level. To use ShredLights on your drone, you'll need 3 inches x 1 inch of space to place the Sticky Mount. We recommend using Dual Lock Velcro so you only have the mounts attached when you need them and keep your drone as lightweight as possible when the light is not in use.

Depending on your drone, the curved or flat shape may be the best option. Your drone must be able to fly with a payload of 60 grams (1 sticky mount + SL-200) to avoid crashing. We don't have a drone light collection yet, but you can shop the Sticky Mounts to get started.

Show us what you got!

The title of this blog doesn't lie. The Sticky Mounts are truly the most versatile mounts we offer and the riding community is always showing us new ways that they can be used. Check out some of these uses below and be sure to tag @ShredLights and #StickyMounts with your set up so we can see how you use them!

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