Skateboard Lights VS. Helmet Lights

The mounting location of your lights is the single biggest factor in how far ahead you can see while riding at night. Depending on where you ride and how fast you ride, board mounted lights might not be enough to see and react to oncoming terrain and you'll need a helmet light to see further ahead.

Skateboard Lights

Mounting headlights on your electric skateboard looks awesome and shines light on theroad ahead to illuminate cracks and oncoming terrain. The low mounting location casts light directly in front of your board and up to 25 feet ahead depending on how bright your lights are. Here is a comparison showing 2 x SL-300 headlights compared to 2 x SL-1000 headlights.

Board mounted lights also increase your visibility to drivers and other pedestrians. The low mounting location can be see very well from far distances. Here is what board mounted lights look like from 500 feet away.

Helmet Lights

The disadvantage of board mounted lights is their low mounting location. Since the lights are only 3-5" off the ground, they cast shadows and have limited throw distance no matter how bright they are. Mounting a headlight to your helmet throws light further ahead and shines down on ground shadows in the road. Here is the difference between mounting 1 x SL-300 on your board vs. your helmet.

The higher mounting position of the helmet light utilizes the full brightness better than board mounted lights. Here is the SL-300 helmet light compared to the SL-1000 helmet light.

Skateboard + Helmet Lights

This is where things get exciting. Combining board and helmet lights provides dynamic lighting so you can safely ride at higher speeds. The board mounted lights are always pointing forward and casting light directly in front of your board. The helmet light follows your head movements around corners and illuminates the road further ahead, while eliminating ground shadows from the board lights. Here is a comparison showing the impact of adding the helmet light.

What's Best For You?

Picking the right light setup for your night rides comes down to how fast and how often you ride at night. Bright and reliable lights are worth the investment if you want to make night rides safer and easier to do on a regular basis. However, you might want to start small and see how you like night rides before diving all the way in. Check out our ESK8 Light Guide to find the best pack for you.

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