Best Helmet Lights for TSG Pass - How to Mount LED Lights to Your Helmet

Best Helmet Lights for TSG Pass - How to Mount LED Lights to Your Helmet

TSG, short for Technical Safety Gear, is one of the popular helmet companies keeping bikers’ heads and brains protected as they ride the streets in the daytime, at night or in extreme weather conditions. Known for its production of over 3 dozens of helmet types from The Arctic Nipper (Maxi & Mini) to The Meta to The Evolution (Standard & Asian Fit) to The Dawn (Standard & Wakeboard) to The Skate/BMX to The Trailfox, one of its most popular helmets is the TSG Pass


The TSG Pass Helmet 

The TSG Pass, an International Downhill Federation certified helmet, was - and is - built as a multi-layered glass fiber shell and shaped to conveniently fit the backside of the head while keeping a protective visor upfront for full facial shielding from extreme weather conditions (cold, wind, et al.) as well as accidents. Its other certifications, the CPSC Standard, the EN 1078 and the ASTM F1952, gives credence to its full-face helmet protective status.

Benefits of the TSG Pass Helmet

When you count the benefits of helmets, you count TSG Pass’ benefits six times:

  1. It gives you a relaxed riding experience than riding without a helmet.
  2. Its certification by the IDF gives you access to licensed IDF events across the country and continent.
  3. Let’s remember that in the case of accidents, which no rider wishes for, the TSG Pass comes in as a middleman to keep you away from head and brain injuries which could possibly happen on impact. 
  4. In winter conditions and/or other extreme weather conditions especially at top speed, the visor of the TSG Pass keeps you safe from tough winds blowing at your face or from bugs meeting your face.
  5. It keeps the dust, heat, rain and snow away from your face.
  6. Should you decide to ride at night, the TSG Pass keeps you illumined and safe from being knocked down by other vehicles on the road; it casts you as a moving silhouette on the roads.


Helmet Lights for the TSG Pass

There are a couple of helmet lights you could mount on this helmet for it to keep that illumination on the road precise. We will take a look at them. 

#1: The Helmet Combo Pack

This combo pack comes with 1 or 2 red and white SL-200 lights, a dual micro USB charging cable for recharging the SL-200 lights and 2 or 4 curved sticky mounts with dual lock Velcro. (A 90-day warranty and 30-day Money Back Guarantee are inclusive).

#2: The Helmet Single Pack

As hinted in the name, this is a single pack unlike the combo pack but just like the combo pack, its battery life sits at 150 hours (6 days and 6 hours) of usage and 200 lumens of maximum brightness per ShredLight. 

Purchasing one of this helmet light option gives you a delivery of:

  • 1 white or red SL-200 light
  • A dual micro USB charging cable
  • 1 curved sticky mount with dual lock Velcro

Also inclusive in this single pack is a 90-day warranty and 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

With any of these mountable LED lights on your helmet, best believe that you have the best lighting option on your helmet and are as visible on the road as the many colors of a rainbow after a rainy day.

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