Best Helmet Lights for Ruroc RG1-DX - Easy, Mountable LED Lights

Ruroc RG1-DX helmet series are currently available as dual-snow approved (EN1077A and EN1078) snowsports helmets in 15 options: as the RG1-DX Toxin, the RG1-DX Chrome, the RG1-DX Midnight, the RG1-DX Panther, the RG1-DX Ghost, the RG1-DX Magma, the RG1-DX Spitfire, the RG1-DX Chaos (Ice, Inferno and Viper variants), the RG1-DX Ronin, the RG1-DX Chainbreaker, the RG1-DX Nova, the RG1-DX Core and the RG1-DX Eclipse.

What makes the Ruroc RG1-DX Great?

The greatness of this snowsports helmet series is captured in different features:

  • Amagnetic chin strap which serves as a protective layer for the lower jaw. 
  • In helmet audio compatibility.
  • Rheon impact absorbing liner.
  • Aventilated system for the free flow of air and well-defined air circulation for the rider’s head and face.
  • Fog-free magnetic lenses and goggles for prolonging clear visuals while engaged in snowsports.
  • Recco avalanche rescue protection.

Why choose the Ruroc RG1-DX Series?

Lots of reasons to choose this helmet series, actually. For starters, it is built as a complete helmet system instead of a standalone helmet face and head cover which means it has different technology enhancements to suit different needs of snowsports persons. 

The other reasons to call dibs on this snow helmet series are highlighted below:

  1. With the in helmet audio compatibility made possible by Shockwave, riders do not need to take off and put on the Ruroc RG1-DX helmet repeatedly in order to answer calls; with this, it is far easier to take calls, speak with Siri and listen to music while you ride.
  2. Impact-based injuries to the head and brain often happen especially at high speed; with the Rheon tech in this helmet, these probable injuries are cut back by up to 30% (how this cut back is achieved is through the hardening of the Newtonian fluid).
  3. It is very fast and easy to strap your chin in the helmet’s protective cover before or after putting on your gloves.
  4. When ice, snow and rocks pile up the mountainside and trap you in, this helmet serves as a reflecting mechanism, through the help of the Recco reflector, to help rescuers find you. Technically, you can never get lost again.


Mountable LED Lights for the Ruroc RG1-DX Series

Yes, the Recco reflector helps when you get trapped in an avalanche in the mountainside but this helmet could do more with bright LED lights for the Ruroc RG1-DX helmet mounted on them. Some of the best mountable LED lights options for this helmet series are included in theShredLights Helmet Combo Pack which comes with red and white SL-200 lights, a USB cable for charging the lights and curved sticky mounts. One of these sticky mounts is the S-Lock Sticky Mount.

How to Mount Lights to your Ruroc Helmet

The S-Lock Sticky mount is flexible and provides the perfect surface for mounting either color of the SL-200 lights on any of the Ruroc RG1-DX helmet series. There are three options to choose from (Dual Lock Velcro, 3M Attachments and VHB Tape); whereas the VHB Tape holds strongest, the Dual Lock Velcro provides a fine mix between ease-in-removal versus durability.

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