Best Lights for Thousand Helmets - Attachable, Mountable Helmet Lights for Riding at Night

Best Lights for Thousand Helmets - Attachable, Mountable Helmet Lights for Riding at Night

As enjoyable and convenient as it is to skateboard at the park or on your way to work or class, it is vital to practice good safety. Protective gear does much to safeguard skaters. A spill can lead to various serious injuries including contusions and broken bones. 

Head injuries are particularly common, raising the need for a quality helmet. For those desirous of just the fun of shredding, this can seem an unnecessary precaution. However, if wearing a helmet is a requirement, as with some skate parks and local laws, it is best to simply comply.  

Even in the absence of a formal requirement, helmets simply make sense. More so for the younger and less experienced riders. The majority of skateboard accidents occur to these demographics.

Thousand is an awesome helmet brand that has managed to gain much popularity amongst both skateboarders and bikers. Their vintage-inspired Heritage line of helmets are both aesthetically appealing and highly functional. 

For maximum safety impact, helmets should ideally be paired with lights. This enhances their safety capability, making this combo a great investment for those who skateboard or bike under low light conditions. ShredLights SL-200 lights make for a perfect match for various reasons. 

Getting an early start to your destination in the wee hours of the morning, or having to head home late in the evening no longer has to be risky. With a great helmet fitted with lights, you amp up your ability to see the road ahead and be seen by other road users. 

The Good and Bad of Helmet Wearing

For those that predominantly skateboard or bike during commutes to work or class, being visible to others is important. The key reason many car drivers end up hitting skateboarders and cyclists is a failure to spot them in good time. Visibility is made easier when you have a helmet with a noticeable color. 

Under low light conditions such as nighttime or rainy weather, visibility becomes even more crucial. Investing in waterproof (LED) lights for Heritage helmets means you can make yourself better seen. With the powerful 200 lumens to work with, you should also be able to get a clearer view of any obstacles or potholes in the distance ahead. 

With a well built and suitably fitted helmet, there is less chance of serious head injuries. Spills are a normal part of being a skateboarder. But if they happen when unprotected, it increases the risk of possibly fatal injuries. Even if not severe, you may end up hospitalized or confined to your bed for a long while to recover. 

Many riders find themselves up and back on their board in a matter of seconds because the impact of the knock was well absorbed by their helmet, helping to keep their noggin safe. Thankfully, Heritage helmets come with a dial fit system that makes standard sizes adjustable. This means you can turn the dial to make your helmet fit as snuggly and securely as you need it to be. 

Sweating is a common reason many riders opt-out of wearing helmets. Heritage helmet designs feature strategically positioned vents on the back and top of the dome and interior cooling channels that do a great job of allowing air to circulate and keep riders feeling fresh. 

While the helmet may not be able to protect the cool hairstyle you put together earlier, it does come in an array of attractive designs that can suit whatever aesthetic you are looking for. 

How Lights for Thousand Heritage Helmets Enhance Safety

As established, helmets have a great capacity for improving safety. They absorb the impact that would otherwise seriously damage the head. But this capability is better enhanced when coupled with lights. Mountable lights for Heritage helmets from ShredLights do an excellent job of improving visibility and reducing shadow effect. 

They are incredibly bright. Whatever direction you point them, you get a clear view of even minute obstructions that could trip you up. The bright lights for Heritage helmets can improve visibility for as much as 30 feet ahead. For oncoming traffic, you can be assured that they can see you from as far as 2,000 feet ahead. 

Because Heritage helmet lights are lightweight, weighing just 50 grams, you do not have to worry about your helmet getting skewed because you prefer to have the light attached to the side. Just make sure to buckle your helmet on securely. 

With sticky mounts, you also do not have to be concerned about having to install other hardware to secure your lights. They offer a simple and convenient means mounting that you can easily remove when you do not need it. 

If you decide you prefer to have your lights mounted on your skateboard or even on your backpack, you can easily slide the lights out of its S lock and mount them elsewhere. This easy transfer allows you the flexibility of choice when it comes to how you want to make your road ahead visible. 

Do keep in mind that the higher vantage point of lights for Heritage helmets does make you more visible on the go and makes it easier to adjust the direction of lighting at a turn your head. 

Why Choose ShredLights

There are multiple other lights one can mount on their helmet but ShredLights SL-200 stands out for several reasons. The first is that they are powerful. Visibility only works when the brightness of the lights is undeniable. At 200 lumens, you gain excellent visibility while remaining visible to others without blinding them. 

The durable design of the lights is another key benefit. With an IP65 water-resistant certification, you can rely on your lights to keep functioning as expected, even under the wettest conditions. The shock-resistant shell also means your lights can bear the brunt of impacts well. With many spills resulting in head knocks, you will want gear that can withstand the hit. 

150-hour battery life means you will likely spend many days, if not weeks, between charging. When you need to charge, you can still easily do so while the light is mounted or simply slide it out of its lock. The rubber casing provides good cover for the charging port when exposed to the elements. 

With the best mountable lights for Heritage helmets on board, you will better enjoy your rides knowing you have taken simple safety measures that can mean the difference between fun and harm. 

To find out more about our products at ShredLights that can work for you, click here. Check out our awesome independent reviews from real customers and learn more about our no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

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