Best Mountable Bike Light for Super 73 - Bar Mount LED Light

Best Mountable Bike Light for Super 73 - Bar Mount LED Light

With more people becoming environmentally conscious, there has been a big shift towards alternative modes of transport. The popularity of biking has risen further thanks to the innovation of electric bikes. 

The additional boost that cyclists get from battery-powered assist does much to make rides faster and easier. This is a big help for those that want to use e-bikes as part of their regular commute to work or school. You can arrive quickly and much less sweaty. 

Just 5 years old, the Super 73 brand of e-bikes has captured the attention and liking of e-bike enthusiasts across the country. Their range of minimalist, vintage styled frames and robust designs are a unique offering in the sector. With many riders comparing them to small motorcycles, Super 73 e-bikes come with oversized wheels that make enduring bumps and potholes along the way more comfortable. 

While these bikes have proven to be quite enjoyable, their use does present certain challenges. The biggest concern would have to be safety. E-bikes are faster than their traditional non-motorized counterparts. At higher speeds that can reach 20-28 mph, it is prudent to ensure you are highly visible to other road users, especially under low light conditions. 

Many commuting a long distance to work will get an early start that may be dark. With mountable lights, you can ensure that others are well aware of your presence on the road and that you can see the terrain ahead. The last thing you need when going fast is to trip over a stone or hit a deep pothole that sends you flying. 

Let’s look at the specific Super 73 e-bike models that could benefit from the use of mountable lights. 

Mountable Lights for Super73-R

Part of the Super 73 R Series, this model is their most powerful offering, with an internally geared and brushless DC hub motor.  It can provide as much as 2000 watts supported by a 960 watt-hour battery. This e-bike has a 40-mile range at a speed of about 20 mph. This can be extended to a 75-mile range when using the ECO pedal assist mode. 

The wide all-terrain tires have a special tread pattern that provides enhanced traction and stability. They make this e-bike ideal for street use and mild off-roading. With a comfortable seat and adjustable handlebars, the Super73-R makes for a great investment. 

The one safety feature that would put this bike over the top, but it lacks, lights. Luckily suitable mountable (LED) lights for Super 73 can be found in ShredLights SL-200. Easily mountable on handlebars, they provide great visibility as far as 30 feet ahead. 

They also make riders visible to other road users for a distance of as much as 2,000 feet. Given the high speed attainable with this model of an e-bike, it is best to ensure other road users can see you to avoid the risk of collisions. 

Best Light for Super73-Z1

Known as the cheapest Super73 e-bike, this model still packs quite the punch in its simple frame. With a top speed of about 20 mph and a maximum range of 20 miles, the Z1 offers just the bare bones in terms of design. It does, however, come with the comfy fat tires that make street riding enjoyable and easily maneuverable as you turn and avoid obstacles.  

It features a user-friendly battery and seat design with a clearly accessible throttle display. The 418-watt hour battery and brushless DC hub motor with 900-watt output is more than good enough to help riders get past even steep climbs and enjoy easy cruising. The comfortable yet low seat height also makes this bike a good option for shorter riders. 

As an entry-level bike, it does not come with lights. Even if you will likely use it for short jaunts, preparation is key to safety. Adding on headlights for Super 73 e-bikes ensures that whether rainy or dark, you can safely get around. The lights for Super 73 e-bikes can easily be mounted on the handlebars or a helmet. Whichever option you use, it will give you greater confidence in your rides. 

Attachable Light for PSG X Super73-Z

The Paris Saint-Germain football club has a long and rich history. They are historically the most successful and richest French football club. To commemorate their 50th anniversary, Super 73 released a Z series e-bike model that features a custom branded and embroidered seat design, and the recognizable red, white, and blue club colors on the frame and wheel spokes. 

Much like other Super 73 models, the PSG X Super73-Z also comes with fat street tires that make this lightweight design great for on-road cycling. A limited-edition offering, this design is a must-have for e-bike enthusiasts with a passion for French football. 

Again, like previous models mentioned here, the PSG X Super73-Z does not come with headlights. The SL-200 lights for Super 73 e-bikes make for the ideal pairing as they are easily mountable and durable. They can offer good visibility and are lightweight enough to avoid interfering with balance or appearing cumbersome. 

Why ShredLights and Super73 Make for The Perfect Combo

Several Super 73 e-bikes lack in-built lighting accessories. Perhaps because they interfere with the design aesthetic, or to cut down on cost for entry-level models. Whatever the reason, it should be a priority for any rider to ensure they can see and be seen while on the road. If not already part of the design, then an investment in bright LED lights for Super73 e-bikes is certainly called for. 

SL-200 lights are a good choice as they are highly visible over great distances. The rider should be able to see the road ahead as far as 30 feet. They should, in turn, be also visible to other road users form as far as 2,000 feet when using these Super 73 lights. 

It is not just at night when these lights become necessary. Rainy and foggy conditions can also compromise visibility and make waterproof (LED) lights for Super 73 e-bikes beneficial. 

Riders do not need to mount the lights on their handlebars if they do not want to interfere with the aesthetic. Being quite small and lightweight, the SL-200 lights can also be mounted on a helmet. This allows the rider greater control over the direction of illumination. You can even add taillights for Super 73 e-bikes that are red in color. These can be mounted on the bike, helmet, or a backpack. 

All this is made easier thanks to the S-lock mechanism on the mounts that allows for easy transfer. You can insert or remove lights from their mounts at your convenience. 

To find out more about these and other light accessories for your biking and skateboarding needs, click here. Be sure to take a look at our UNREAL reviews from genuine customers and our generous money-back guarantee offer.

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