Clip-On Backpack Light - Attachable Flashing LED Safety Light

Clip-On Backpack Light - Attachable Flashing LED Safety Light

Skateboarding and cycling are both highly beneficial to physical and mental health. The increased physical activity often means improved cardio health, better-regulated blood pressure, and controlled blood sugar levels. 

These modes of transport are also healthier for the environment as you make less use of motorized vehicles. They are a good way of reducing your carbon footprint and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. With more cities and towns incorporating bike lanes and parking areas for non-motorized vehicles, there is good reason to consider switching to these types of vehicles. 

Even those that are not as fit or are unable to exert themselves too much can join in. With electric skateboards and e-bikes gaining popularity in the market, there is extra propulsion that makes cruising around easier.  

Some people do however fear the risks that come with skateboards and bikes. Riders are openly exposed and can easily be injured in a fall or collision. Much of this can, however, be mitigated with proper riding habits and protective gear. 

Let’s look at how lights are particularly useful in enhancing safety for all road users. 

Why Clip-on LED Lights are Crucial

Having lights mounted on your skateboard, bike, helmet, or backpack is a good way to ensure you can be seen by other road users. Especially during darker times of the day. Collisions between vehicle drivers and riders are often due to a lack of visibility. Without the full awareness that there is someone else on the road, drivers tend to maintain higher speeds that make for slower reaction time and more devastating collisions. 

Even during daylight hours, many riders are not very noticeable. To capture the attention of drivers and make them more conscious and cautious, flashing LED for backpack can be used. Flashing lights are better seen, with the SL-200 offering 3-speed modes to choose from. When clipped on a backpack, it will be more level with a driver's line of sight, ensuring clear visibility. 

Lights also help riders to better see the road ahead. Potholes, stones, branches, and curbsides that are not seen can cause a skateboarder or cyclist to trip up and fall. Depending on such factors as speed, the weight of the rider, and the selection of protective gear they have on, the level of injury can vary. Whether you have ridden a particular route many times over or not, know that terrain can change even in a day. Make use of chargeable lights like the SL-200, which you can easily attach to your person using an action clip and instantly have a great headlight to help get home safely.

For those that like to record their rides, this lighting can help to capture better-illuminated video. At 200 lumens, there will be adequate brightness with minimal shadow effect. 

Different Ways to Incorporate Lights On Your Ride

The most popular way people make use of lights is by mounting them on their skateboards or the handlebars of their bike. Combo packs come with all you will need to easily mount your lights on the truck. You can get a set of both headlights and taillights that are white and red respectively, as with other motorized vehicles. 

To figure out what type of mounting will work best with your particular brand of skateboard, check out this handy fit guide. The lower positioning of the lights on skateboards makes it easier to illuminate the ground ahead, while still bright enough to alert drivers. With bikes, the same applies. 

Another alternative would be to mount the light on your helmet. This is a good option as the rider has greater control over the direction at which to point their light. They need only to look in the direction they want to see better. 

With clip-on backpack lights, it is just as easy to adjust the direction of the lighting. With the lights held securely using an action clip mounted on one of the backpack straps, it is just a matter of using your hand to make whatever change.

Tips for Boosting Your Visibility at Night

As mentioned, visibility is best achieved when other road users are effectively made aware of your presence. The SL-200 lights come with a variety of lighting modes. Aside from the low to the high setting that influences brightness, there are also flash settings. 

When lights are flashing, they certainly make people notice. It is part of the reason you sometimes become aware of an ambulance or police vehicle rushing to a scene. It is not just the sirens, but also the flashing lights that make motorists realize what is going on and act appropriately. 

When other road users see your flashing lights, they become more aware of your presence and react appropriately by slowing down, paying better attention to the possibility of your changing direction, and giving you a wide berth. 

Placement of your lights also matters. Having them positioned at a higher height that is easily within sight of drivers is advisable. Where there are traffic jams, drivers may not easily see skateboard lights mounted beneath the truck. But they should certainly see lights on a backpack that is whizzing past their window. From this vantage point, no driver can say they did not see you. 

You do not have to restrict your use of the SL-200 lights to just skateboarding and cycling. You can just as easily utilize them when walking and running outdoors when it is dark. Many people have a busy daytime schedule, and may only have enough time to fit in a walk or run, with to without a dog, during the early morning or late evening hours. The lights can be used as an alternative to the standard walking strobe light or running strobe light. Be sure to take advantage of the flash settings when you see cars headed your way. 

The SL-200 lights can easily be again attached to a belt, jacket, wristguard, glove, or leash using the action clip. Your steps will be more confident and faster when you can see what is happening on the road and have directable light. 

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