Best Quad Lock Light Mount - Bike Handlebar Mounting For Headlights

Introducing the Quad Lock Light Pack

We're excited to announce our new Quad Lock Light Pack which is compatible with the Quad Lock Cycling - Out Front Mounts, one of our favorite mounting systems for the bike! This pack provides an action mount and SL-200 light that connects directly into the camera/light adapter so you can have an all-in-one solution for holding your phone and a front light for being seen day or night. 

Attaching a Light for your Quad Lock Mount

When you need a camera or lights for video recording while riding, the Quad Lock Action Camera/Light Adapter built for the Out Front Mount is the best recommendation. It securely hinges an action camera to the front of your bike and captures your entire biking activity; its positioning helps for frontal capture of worthy-to-remember events as you speed down the trail.


Quad Lock Technology - How Does It Work?

Taking its name from the four indentations evenly spread around the borders of the mount point, the Quad Lock technology takes phone mounts for bicycles and other surfaces to a whole different terrain and it works on 3 principles that are easy-peasy to recall whenever you would like: twist it, lock it, ride it.

  • Twist it: bend or rotate your phone.
  • Lock it: firmly fasten the mount to your bike’s handlebar.
  • Ride it: hit the road or mountain with your bike.

Over half a century of reviews hold the same weighted opinion: the primary difference between Quad Locks and other mount locks is in the former's relationship with handlebars: it holds steady and top side while the poncho helps keep your phone’s screen in use and away from the droplets of pattering rain or morning dew. 


Quad Lock for Bicycle Handlebars

This mount works for every biker out there on mountain trails and inner cities or trails. For bicycle handlebars, the Quad Lock comes at a 22g weight value and it is excellent for road and mountain bikers.

There are two different types of Quad Lock for bicycle handlebars: 

  • TheHandlebar/Stem Mount which starts from $29.95 and is a vertical collapsible mount for bicycle handlebars. Included in its package is a Quad Lock Handlebar/Stem bike Mount, a mounting hardware, 2 units of zip ties and 4 units of EPDM o-rings.
  • TheOut Front Mount which is slightly more expensive than the handlebar/stem mount type starts from $39.95 and is a sideways motion push mount for cycling. Built in standard and PRO editions, the standard edition comes with a Quad Lock Out Front Mount, 3 units of spacers for different measurements of handlebars (22mm, 25.4mm and 31.88mm) and a Hex (Allen) key while the Pro edition comes with a Quad Lock Out Front Mount Pro, 2 units of spacers for different measurements of handlebars (22mm and 25.4mm) and a Hex (Allen) key. 

Whatever your choice is for either of the handlebar mounts, you get the option to have an Action Cam Adaptor included. With ratings collectively sitting at 4.8-4.9 stars and reviews worth 4,652+ as at last count, either of these two Quad Locks deliver on the benefits of the features they are packed with.


Mounting your Quad Lock to your Bike

To mount your Quad Lock to your bike, toe these steps:

  1. Firmly place your phone in the phone case.
  2. With the rubber bands, connect the mount to your bike’s handlebars.
  3. Position your phone in a portrait or landscape layout and properly secure the case on the mount and perform a twist motion to push the spring-loaded lock into position until you hear the click of the lock meaning that the lock is now firmly affixed.
  4. Changing the layout/position is really simple: pull the sleeve down to swap from the current layout to your now preferred layout.
  5. To detach the case from the mount, push the spring-loaded lock down and away from the case and twist it. 







Quad Lock Case Leading the Charge

There is always an ongoing affair between handlebars and mount locks, a fairly mutual affair but the grip is almost always the dealbreaker. The Quad Lock changes the tone of this conversation whenever it is brought in as a subject matter for comparison vis-a-vis other mount holders; every time, it comes out top-shelf because it reaches the top of the stack with the features built into it and the benefits they deliver.

As a case plus mount solution for bikes and other smooth surfaces, it is the wisdom of seeking compromise where neither side works better or, to reach for the peak, for best: holding phones and handlebars at the same time while biking or choosing other types of mounts for bicycle handlebars.

As the conversation for the best phone mounts with steadfast grips on handlebars for road and mountain biking ensues, the Quad Lock sits atop this discourse, setting the pace for others.

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