Sl-200 - The Most Versatile Light for Your Night Riding Needs

LED Lights for your Onewheel, Scooter, Electric Skateboard, Longboard and Bikes


SL 200 is a combination of everything we've learned from making skateboard lights over the last six years. From the light itself to the mounts to the way we sell ShredLights, everything has been upgraded or something. We listened closely to all of your feedback to get the most requested features before we started the design process.


Rechargeable LED Lights

It was clear that brightness, battery life, and charging needed improvement, so we more than doubled the brightness, increased the battery size by three times, and made sure you could charge the lights while they're installed.


Water Resistant Design

Next, we sealed the USB port and lens to provide IP 65 water resistance.


Easy Installation and Swapping of Lights

From the beginning, we knew we needed a better way to attach ShredLights to the board. I'm excited to introduce S-lock, our most reliable attention mechanism ever. S-lock is super easy to use and can handle the toughest vibrations you can throw at it. In order to put out a product that last, we use premium electronics for ultimate reliability. Then we design mounts so you could fit on every skateboard and helmet we could find.


200 Lumens - Be Seen From 2,000 Feet Away

Increasing visibility for riders has been our focus since the beginning. We amped up the brightness to 200 lumens per light and designed a custom lens with far focus technology that throws the light as far out front as possible. As always, we offer a variety of mounting options so you can cover as much ground as possible.

We improve the user experience by adding new flash settings, internal setting memory, and better functionality with the dual side buttons. If you want to see farther and ride safer then get a product that lasts. Add the SL 200 to your line.

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