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One ShredLights Ambassador, Gabriel from Colorado Springs, frequently rides his electric skateboards and Onewheel in freezing temperatures where he sees many homeless people along the trails. Instead of ignoring the problem, he decided to help out by starting Cadi Packs, which include essentials for hygiene and staying warm while living outside.
We can't thank you enough for the overwhelming support of the SL-200 launch! We have been working hard to get your orders shipped as soon as possible without compromising on quality. We've already shipped over 100 orders from our first small batch production. 
We are on track to begin shipping pre-orders for the SL-200 ShredLights in mid-July and finish shipping by the third week of July. Read the full post to see packaging previews and full shipping schedule.
Meet the SL-200, the latest and greatest generation of ShredLights. The SL-200 is a complete upgrade in every facet from the previous model, the High Beams. In this post we will explore all of the new features this ShredLight has to offer, as well as comparisons to the High Beams.

In Episode 2 of THE SHRED FILES we sat down with the founders of NYC Eboarding to learn more about how they grew so large so fast. It's our longest episode yet and can be used as a textbook for creating your own group ride.

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