Meet our Ambassadors

Ambassadors spread our brand across the world by hosting and attending community events, testing new products, and providing feedback on how we can improve as a company.

Mario Parra

New York, New York


Mario skated in high school and started longboarding in early 2016 before he co-founded NYC Eboarding. He organizes rides, events, and manages the group’s website. Mario rides a Boosted v2/Stealth/Mini X, Mellow on a Loaded Motherboard, Raptor 2, and several long/shortboards. He uses ShredLights to be seen by cars and to light up dark backstreets.


Matthias Leute

Aachen, Germany


Matthias Leute is an electric skateboard racer born in Germany who loves to compete in the World Cup and shred everywhere he can. He uses ShredLights for riding home late from work and exploring the forrest on his Evolve, and says they are one of the most essential items he uses every day.


Brandon Levy

Chicago, Illinois


Brandon joined the E-Skate scene in 2018 after longboarding for years. Shortly after, he created the community Instagram page BoostedChicago, where he loves creating content and getting people out to group rides throughout the city. Brandon uses ShredLights to be seen as he flies through the dense concrete jungle and avoids those nasty Chicago potholes!


Gabriel Gonzales

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Gabriel just loves to skate, plain and simple. You can find him commuting around town on his board, sessioning spots during free rides, and high speed racing whenever he can. He says, "Nothing beats a good night ride. ShredLights have taken me on some of the best adventures of my life, and I love spreading the stoke of the brand and the whole ESK8 movement."


Chris Muenzer

Redmond, Washington


Chris came to electric skateboarding from surfing and has been riding since 2016. He commutes daily and will use any excuse to ride. Chris organizes the PNW esk8 Collective, esk8 races, and group rides all around Seattle! Chris uses Shredlights to be seen, late night belt changes, and to light the way along the miles of pristine trails through Puget Sound! If you are in the Seattle area hit Chris up for a ride; he said he's always down to shred!


Brandon Yu

New York, New York


As the original founder of Rutgers Electric Skateboarding and, now, member of NYC Eboarding, Brandon rides hard and fast on anything from a Boosted Board to a Onewheel. His riding skills and experience allows him to create unique videos and reviews for his social media. With the help of his Shredlights, Brandon can continue to shred and get his shots even after the sun sets.


Sophia Tung

San Francisco, California


Sophia started riding electric skateboards in 2014 and now co-admins Bay Area Esk8, one of the largest personal electric vehicle enthusiast groups in the entire United States. You can find her on weekly Saturday group rides that go throughout downtown SF up to the. Sophia uses Shredlights and the strap clip to light up the road when night skating.


Joe Dubya

San Diego, California


Joe has been skating for 27 years and first rode an electric skateboard in 2014. He rides by the beach frequently and hosts group rides all over San Diego, but his favorite place to ride is Mission Bay. Joe uses Shredlights to be seen by cars while riding at night and for night rides in cities all around the world.


Jonathan Hall

Washington, D.C.


Jonathan comes from a snowboarding background and has been riding motorized skateboards since they were gas powered in the early 2000's. 19 years later he's still riding, just electric powered boards instead of gas powered. Jonathan started DCESK8 over 2 years ago and hosts weekly rides and major events in Washington, DC. He uses his ShredLights to lead night rides through the city, late night dog walks or weekend camping trips.


Mahyar Saeedi

Vancouver, Canada


Mahyar loved to snowboard and longboard growing up in Vancouver. He purchased his first electric skateboard in 2017 and fell in love. He began hosting group rides and created the Vancouver ESK8. to connect with other riders in his local community. He enjoys making group ride videos and product reviews on his Youtube Channel. Mahyar uses ShredLights to keep him safe while he's filming those epic Vancouver night rides!


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